Snot gets Slammed

Snot (Hyundai Sonata) is now a bit under the weather. We loaned the car to our son after his vehicle died a natural death. $ parked it near the house where he was working, not knowing high winds would bring a tree down at that exact spot. I put off writing about it for a whole day. Surely 24 hours was time enough for something amusing to surface.

050417 Snot whacked.jpg

There are two things to be thankful for. John $ was not in the car at the time, and it should be repairable.  I’ll bet Snot will complain about arthritis from now until he dies.

050417 Snot's tree damage.jpg

33 thoughts on “Snot gets Slammed

  1. Anne,
    It must have been hard to find something funny in this incident. I am glad $ was safely away when the tree branch blew down.
    Hope it can be fixed soon and up and running.


  2. Who knew Snot (love the name) needed a helmet?
    Hope the car doesn’t take this opportunity to act out its aggression and throw tantrums.
    Glad no humans were hurt. 🙂


  3. I am so glad no one was sitting in it at the time! I have to confess I did chuckle at the name of your car “Snot”. we always tend to name certain vehicles also. And now I need to ask why this car was named Snot?
    Glad John will be home soon to deal with all of that!


    1. When we were looking at the car in the showroom, the salesman first called it Sonata. The more he said it, the more he shortened it. When I told the story to our grandsons and said the car was named before we bought it, they wouldn’t let me change it. Snot it was, and Snot it will remain.

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  4. Aieeeeeeee!!! Glad it wasn’t even worse! “Snot” – hysterical! Um…I seem to have missed the explanation (if any) as to why you call your son “$”. Is it because you’ve spent a lot of money on him?


    1. When our son was born, his twin cousins were four years old. Instead of John Spencer, they called him John Spensive. We began to spell it with a dollar sign — $pencer. It was shortened. It saves a lot of time now, especially when texting.

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    2. I never asked John $ if he minded being just $. I guess he is used to it. My dad used to call him Johnny Dollar. I think there was an old cartoon strip by that name, well before my time. John’s uncle called him Dollar or Dollar Sign.

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    1. Yes, we are glad no one was hurt. John will be home tonight, and we’ll see what can be done. $ lives an hour away, so it will be hard to help him on a short-term basis.


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