Fun Endings

The first happy ending was at the Mid South Live Steamers on May 6 in Columbia, TN. It was unseasonably cool in Middle Tennessee, and one of John’s friends got a shot of friend Bob walking by his engine in the steaming bay. There had been so much rain that they didn’t ride very much. The ending might have been a relief, but they wouldn’t have voiced it. Even if they couldn’t be out on the rails, they enjoyed visiting with each other.

050617 Bob A in steam.jpg

The second happy ending is a photo of Moon Pies. After writing about Moon Pie coffee, I looked for a real Moon Pie in two supermarkets. The largest grocery in the area is Ingles, a chain based in NC with stores in five states. I walked along the cookie aisle and looked up to find Moon Pies listed on a hanging sign. That was appropriate, since the original came from Chattanooga. It’s a Southern specialty and should be featured here. Oddly enough, there was not a single one on the shelf! There were only knock-offs by a different company. Heresy! Imagine my surprise when I spotted a box of minis in Aldi, the German grocery. House brands make up a huge percentage of their stock, yet they had this Southern specialty on the shelf. If you can see the photo, you can tell a Moon Pie is made of two cookies with a filling and a glaze. I haven’t eaten one in over fifty years. For the sake of research, I need to sample one again, but I’m holding out for a large one in its own wrapper. I have a feeling it won’t be especially appealing, and therefore I don’t want a whole box of mini-MPs.

050717 Moon Pies in Aldi's.jpg

Neighbors Connie and Dave had us over for lunch this week. We haven’t chatted with them all winter, so we really enjoyed a leisurely meal, followed by a long sit on their porch. It was wonderful to catch up on news.

051117 Dave Connie John.jpg

The third ending in this series was spectacular. It tasted every bit as good as it looked.

051117 Dessert by Connie.jpg

The evening ended with John’s going to a baseball game in Asheville. It’s a tradition for the church choir to sing the national anthem for one home game of the Tourists, our local team. He was pleasantly surprised that the ballpark was in a residential neighborhood, and there was no charge for parking! The Tourists lost 2 to 1, but it had been a pleasant game, seen with friends.

051117 Choir t-shirt051717 Choir Tee for baseball game

27 thoughts on “Fun Endings

  1. You have a awakened my sweet tooth this morning. Looks like you all had a nice visit. The filling in the Moon Pie is marshmallow if I remember correctly. It is great.


    1. Yes, I remember reading that marshmallow was a part of a Moon Pie. I bought one or two when I was in grade school, and that was a LONG time ago. They were always on display among snacks at the swimming pool. How long has it been since you ate one?


  2. I am going to look for Moon Pies now, Anne, having never tasted one in my life. If I don’t find it in stores here, I might even think of ordering online.:)
    The neighbour’s house looks to sunlit and beautiful.
    I am glad John enjoyed the baseball game and was even willing to pose for you, wearing the T-shirt.
    He has lost weight.


    1. I’m not sure how many stores have Moon Pies here, so I wouldn’t think you would find one. Please let me know if you do.

      I’ll tell John you noticed that he lost weight. He has shed a few pounds, but not where he wanted to.

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  3. Moonpies are here and a plenty! We named a dog Moonpie once-because he ate a whole box! Sure hope to have the coffee one day! Your post is just delightful and happy-the world needs more of you! thank you! xx


  4. Love the placemat under the chocolate cake! Wow! Around here moon pies are fluffy chocolate cakey cookies with fluffy filling but no glaze. Happy endings are good and somehow you can find one even in bad weather.


    1. I’ll tell Connie you liked the placemat. It’s probably one she made herself. The moon pies you are talking about — are they homemade or in stores? The next place I’m going to look is Walmart. They started in the South and should sell them here.

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  5. Hi Anne, I enjoy shopping at Aldi, just like your Moon-Pies, at times I’ll be surprised by a name brand item. I get most of my basics there, less expensive for milk, butter, eggs and bread…it’s quite a savings over a year’s time.


    1. We drive 45 minutes to get to church, and our Aldi store is very near the church. We used to avoid shopping on Sunday, hoping everyone would do the same so that stores would be closed. That didn’t happen, and now we find ourselves popping in there when we need something. Make that “want” something. If I could remember numbers, I would compare prices in Aldi and Ingles. Both have good deals on house brands, but I suspect Aldi would win on many items.

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  6. Ohhh you’ve got my sweet tooth working overtime now! Moon Pies look to be the same idea as Oreos, no? Sandwich cookies? But Anne! That chocolate cake ‘n’ ice cream *really* got my attention!!!!
    Today I went for brunch with my best friend who also happens to be my ex-sister-in-law (I was married to her brother; we stayed close friends)! Was great; then we did some food shopping at a Lebanese-owned supermarket. Exotic stuff! I bought a package of little sweet buns – they’re called cookies but they’re soft; on the package it said they’re Armenian. Very yummy!


    1. Oreos are crisp, unless they’ve been left open in a humid place. Moon Pies are cake-like with a marshmallow filling.

      The chocolate cake was yummy, dark and intense. The ice cream was a palette cleanser and very refreshing. I’m glad you got some sweets for yourself.

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  7. Oh Maaaannnn…. I was already intrigued by the Moon Pie Coffee. Even to the point of looking over the coffee shelves at the grocers. But NOW… that chocolate cake has me drooling.
    I’m kind of afraid to read your next post. What will I be craving next. LOL!


  8. Oh, I absolutely love Moon Pies! I think it’s been a few years since I’ve had one! By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! Check out my latest post for more info! 😀


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