Breaking the Main Rule

The first time John went to Tennessee to play with trains, I made one rule for myself. That rule was, do not say “I should…”

I refused to press myself to do anything in the “must” category. I would not dust or vacuum, clean a bathroom, whack at the wicked wisteria, undertake a major garden project, or clean out a cabinet. John was doing just what he wanted to do, and so would I. In retirement, that’s the closest I get to a vacation when most days are filled with pleasant choices. I allow just enough pressure to keep us from living in filth and squalor.

Within one hour of John’s leaving this time, I broke that rule. After walking to the creek, I saw the little dish I’d left on the kitchen counter. Aaaarrrgggghhh! I soaked Sweet William seeds overnight, and I had to plant them. Rule or no rule, those seeds had to get themselves into the ground. To make matters worse, I had decided where they were going, and the soil was weed-choked and hard. My advice to myself is, “Next time think ahead, you silly goose. Only you can deflect a ‘should’ job.”

Here is a thought on a higher plane. Son $ sent a photo of his car 48 hours after he took possession of it. He proved his prowess with a standard shift, because you can’t get to a point like this without being a nifty shifter.

051817 $ car in the mountains.jpg

13 thoughts on “Breaking the Main Rule

  1. You sound like me! Dave goes golfing and I think, what should I be doing? Well, Mother’s Day it happened but I said no way! That’s how I ended up at the movies..,it was nice.


  2. I’m the same way, Michelle and her Mom say they are going into town. Do I sit and relax with the house empty? Nope. I find anything and everything to do while they are gone.
    Very nice looking car and he should be proud that he can drive a stick. Not many people can these days.


    1. I wish I could remember details of $’s learning to drive a stick. It involved a trip to NY and being stopped in Virginia. The policeman felt so sorry for him, with whatever tale he told, that he let him go with just a warning. I should get him to tell it again the next time he comes, because it was hilarious.


  3. Put 1200 miles on our Forrester last weekend going to Burlington, VT for eldest grandson’s graduation from Champlain college. It is amazing the # of Subaru’s in mountain country. When herself quilts, I blog. The grass can live to grow another day.


    1. Yes, it’s a Subaru. Paired words often have a distinct order. Americans talk about macaroni and cheese, as well as peanut butter and jelly. It hurts the ears if they are reversed. I couldn’t remember if squalor and filth should be filth and squalor. Have you any idea?


  4. “the closest I get to a vacation when most days are filled with pleasant choices”
    I love that you choose to always be so lovely, Anne 🙂 😀

    Also, the car looks great!


    1. I’m a pessimist who likes to laugh. Retirement is marvelous. You are way too young to think about it yet, but I hope you will eventually find the joys of retirement. Your smile gets bigger as your naps get longer.

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