The Old Secretary’s New Computer

Have you seen the video of a secretary who has returned to work after computers came in? If you’ve never used a typewriter, you won’t understand this. She types quickly on the keyboard, copying something on the table. She comes to the end of a line, and her automatic reflex is to hit the carriage return of a typewriter. She throws her left hand across and knocks the big monitor onto the floor. Even that is dated, but it makes me laugh every time I see it. I wish I could have found a link to the video.

I rank right up there with that secretary in misusing a computer. I am an old secretary, after all, and I almost destroyed a monitor using an old reflex. This photo shows my little laptop on the right. The new monitor and keyboard are for the desktop, which, despite the name, is under the desk.

052317 Old secretary's computers.jpg

For the past year I used the laptop. I always closed the lid when leaving the desk to put it in sleep mode. Today I got up to take a break. You guessed it! My hand went out to pull that big monitor forward on top of the keyboard! Arrruuuuggghhhhh!

26 thoughts on “The Old Secretary’s New Computer

  1. When we got our first office computers in the 1980s, I remember how upset some of my coworkers were about not getting to keep their typewriters. Not me. When I learned all the neat tricks the computer could do, like let me erase mistakes and move whole paragraphs around, I was ecstatic. I said to my computer, “Wow, where have you been all my life??”

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  2. LOL, yep, old habits sure do die hard! I remember typewriters fondly – used them at many jobs and at home too. But WOW is the computer ever an improvement, as others before me have said! 🙂


    1. Isn’t it nice that we can dictate to our devices now? Only trouble is, mine doesn’t understand me very well. It wants a New York accent, and all it gets is Southern.


  3. Ha! 🙂 I used to type away on typewriters, as well. Up until a few years ago, we had one sitting out in view at the library (even though we’d finally stopped using it). Many a kid would come in and say, “what’s that?”


    1. I learned to type on a big old typewriter and graduated to a portable. I think we got rid of the last electric typewriter in the office in 2005. That’s amusing that young people didn’t know what a typewriter was when they saw it in your library.

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  4. Ha ha. I learned to type on those big old typewriters too – at school. Our teacher was vicious if you let your fingers not type the letters with the right finger, and it is totally ingrained in me that each hand returns to the home key. I am grateful for my skill as a typist though… it means I can chug through stuff faster.


    1. Vicious! That one word could bring up a whole story! It’s great to be able to type quickly and accurately. I taught myself to type using a school textbook that a teacher loaned me. I must have been lax at the end, because I’m not very good at numbers. What finger should hit number 6?


  5. Great post! I too am an “old secretary” with an ongoing urge to return the carriage! I also cannot use my thumbs to text message on a cell phone….. I am slow going in a world that’s speeding on by.


    1. I’m with you. I don’t use my thumbs for texting. I don’t think they bend that much! Dictating is a real hoot if I forget to correct what the phone has written for me. It’s so nice to have company at my speed.

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