David’s Birthday

We were ready for grandson David’s birthday before he woke up. John bought a helium balloon the day before and hid it in the garage. I had sweet roll dough in the refrigerator and baked it as chocolate coffeecake. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, with the oldsters doing most of the talking. David is as much a night owl as I am an early bird. He was content to sit quietly and eat.

060117  D birthday breakfast.jpg

David had to work at 2, so we went to Bogart’s for an early lunch. Son John $ was finally rejoining the human race and went with us. He was in the woods hiking the previous week when an attack of gout started. He soaked his foot in a mountain stream before walking the remaining two miles to his car. Using that foot to shift was nerve wracking, because he wasn’t sure he could force it to move. He managed to drive to our house, which was much closer than his. His days were turned upside down, since the pain kept him awake at night. Medication finally brought it under control so that he could hobble again.

060117 Birthday lunch John $ David.jpg

We were ready for a snack when David came home. Months ago he requested chocolate cheesecake for his birthday. We should have weighed it. The recipe began with two pounds of cream cheese, and it was heavy. After John lit the candle, we sang Happy Birthday. $ wasn’t visible, but he was sitting on David’s left telling a story. David was snickering at his uncle’s tale when I snapped the picture.

060117 David's birthday cake.jpg

There is nothing like it when $ is in a story-telling mood. Some years ago, he and a friend had gone to the supermarket, and the friend was bummed out because he had no money left. As the story progressed, $’s accent changed to that of a mountain man. That in itself is amusing. All vestiges of his New York accent disappeared. He wanted to make his friend laugh, so he pulled into a McDonald’s drive-through.

When it was his turn to order, he said into the microphone, “I wont skillet-fried ‘possum.”

The worker asked for a repeat.

“Skillet-fried ‘possum!”

“We don’t have that,” and he began to read some items from the menu.

Before they pulled away, $’s friend and the worker were laughing. Mission accomplished!

We all headed to bed after eating cheesecake. At the end of the day, we felt the birthday mission had been accomplished, too.

28 thoughts on “David’s Birthday

  1. Haha, such fun to read, Anne. But you had me at “chocolate coffee cake.” Have I mentioned I’m a chocoholic? There’s gotta be a 12-step group for the likes of me, I swear! Sigh…

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  2. Dear Anne
    Happy birthday to David.
    Two cakes for a birthday boy ! He is special.
    Glad $ is doing well and it must be lovely to have him at home. I hope he is recovering. The mountain stream trick- that was good- is the water icy cold- is that why he did it ?
    Skillet fired possum ? That was a good joke.


    1. Most of the time $ stayed in his bedroom, suffering with that gouty foot. He was feeling much better when he told the fried ‘possum story. He is much better now, thank you. He drove home tonight. The streams here are very cold all summer. He hoped the cold water would shrink the swelling in his foot and numb it a bit.

      You’d have to be absolutely desperate to eat a ‘possum, so $’s request at McDonald’s was preposterous.

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    1. They really do eat ‘possum????? I haven’t lived in Tennessee since 1964, and we ate all kinds of things. My dad loved to hunt, and he always prepared what he brought home or gave it away. It was fairly common for us to eat squirrel, ‘coon, rabbit, quail, dove, and wild turkey. When I have time, I’m going to look for a ‘possum recipe, not that I’ll use it!

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