Never Too Old to Play with Food

Grandson David (22) and I had a rare day together when John drove to New York to pick up grandson Nathaniel. Kate, the boys’ mother, was driving herself down from New Jersey. David and I had an easy treat for dinner – pepperoni pizza. One bite, and David succumbed to temptation.

061517 Never too old to play with food.JPG

Daughter Kate phoned around eight in the morning, and I turned my phone over to David while doing other things. They talked for HOURS. Only at the end did I find out they were chatting while she began the long trip from New Jersey. We continued the conversation on our mountain excursion, and David talked with her again the last two hours of her drive. David kept his mother company from NJ to NC, almost like an inexperienced pilot being talked down from the sky.

While we waited for the others to come, David and I explored one section of the Blue Ridge Parkway for several hours. It was a perfect day for it with lots of clouds, rain showers, and a little thunder thrown in. Bright sunshine on a cloudless day seems to wash half the character from the mountains.

061517 David mountain gazing.JPG

061517 Blue Ridge Parkway.JPG

The next morning, Nathaniel (17) and Kate said I looked tired and sent me back to bed. When I got up, that dynamic duo were cooking breakfast. Kate was assistant to the chef.

061617 K N breakfast surprise.JPG

All five of us gathered to eat Nathaniel’s sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, and biscuits. It was a leisurely meal. John sent us out for half the morning walk while he cleaned the kitchen.

061617 Eating breakfast.jpg
We were not at our best to pose for a breakfast photo.

061617 Nathaniel's breakfast.jpg

After David went to work, Kate asked Nathaniel to pose for a photo to show how tall he is. I think we all felt our visit was off to a great start.

061617 Tall Nathaniel.jpg
Nathaniel is 6′ 5″, in case you were wondering.

21 thoughts on “Never Too Old to Play with Food

  1. What does mom feed him?! LOL! Does he play basketball? Beautiful pix as always, Anne! BTW those biscuits look sooo yummy. John’s a keeper, cleaning the kitchen!!


    1. Nathaniel lives with his dad, and he generally cooks his own food. He is as uninterested in sports as his parents and grandparents. Yes, John is a keeper. After we settled down in this house, he said we’d both be better off if I did the cooking and he did the cleaning up. Can you believe I didn’t argue???? I have really enjoyed serving a meal and walking away to another part of the house. He usually listens to streaming NY radio while in the kitchen.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Nathaniel would enjoy cooking for you, I’m sure. We sat down in church yesterday, and John wondered aloud where the young man was. He found him opening the front door of the church and greeting people!!!! You don’t expect that of a 17-year-old. He does it at his home church, but he doesn’t know a soul down here. Yet.


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