Country Pursuits

Daughter Kate enjoyed watching the horses that board in the pasture behind our house. They were gone several months, and we are still adjusting to having them back. In preparation for our family tourist season, John bought a bag of carrots which Kate and Nathaniel put to good use. Even though light rain was falling, we stood there talking to the horses. It was a win/win situation for humans and animals.

061617 K N feed horses carrots.JPG

Someone turned and noticed the sky. I’m sure the horses wondered why we abandoned them and ran toward the house. A lovely rainbow was getting brighter by the minute, and our eyes were glued to it. My photo doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea. Seeing rainbows is a feature that should be listed for this property, along with mountain views.

061617 Rainbow.JPG

While David worked, we planned to go to a ranger station in the national park. Son John $ came to visit with his sister, and he thought the park would be crowded. We headed for Waynesville instead. We walked the shady side of Main Street and back on the egg side (sunny side up), browsing in shops that attracted Kate. Poking around the town is something we do only with guests, so it’s a treat for us. John was the only one who bought something. In an art shop he found a book on local history about lumber and railroads out of Canton. John $ is standing in line to read it next. There will not be a stampede for that waiting line.

Back in the car, Nathaniel teased, “I’m feeling a bit peckish. Shall we go to Burger King?”

He said that because David was still at work, and all of us wanted to see him in action. Chef Nathaniel does not eat fast food and declined a burger, but we peeked at David working “back cash”. He was facing away from us, wearing headphones, using a computer screen, and accepting customers’ money. David was never aware of our being there, so I took a picture to prove it to him later.

061717 JC N K at Burger King.JPG

6 thoughts on “Country Pursuits

  1. I showed my hubby some of your pictures and he said he would so love to visit there again some day. He used to be stationed in Camp Lejune and I used to live in Ft Sumpter, when I was a wee child. The areas are both beautiful and I would love to look you up if we ever made it up there.


    1. We four used to be with each other often, but after we moved 800 miles away, it took a bit of doing to spend time together. Our daughter has only one week to stay with us, so we’re making the most of it. We’re so blessed that our two grandsons will be here all summer.


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