Nathaniel’s First Day

Although it was a slow day for the restaurant, the kitchen staff kept grandson Nathaniel busy on his first day of work. I was surprised at the things he did, because I assumed they would have him washing dishes. He helped peel potatoes, made croutons, chopped a crate of tomatoes, and made two batches of meatloaf using ten pounds of meat each time. There had been comments that the meatloaf was too moist and fell apart, so the chef changed the recipe slightly and varied the cooking times. I’m glad we had a hearty lunch, since Nate was on his feet, working without a break, for six and a half hours.

12 thoughts on “Nathaniel’s First Day

  1. That first day is always an adventure, I’ll bet he sleeps well also. Forgot to include granddaughter Abby, a senior at Mississippi State this fall in the jobs by grandchildren. She works for Ruby Tuesday’s in Starkville during the school year and Ruby’s here at home on Summers and semester break. She is always telling us there are a lot of you and Granny as customers Pop. Out of the mouths of babes.

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  2. Hudi loves the kitchen vibe, too. Says there is a lot of punning (which he loves). So glad Nate is having a positive first work experience.


    1. Do you have a favorite meatloaf recipe to share? We like the idea of it, but mine are not spectacular. John liked one with raisins, but it has a limited family audience. One of our children won’t eat raisins, but she adores dried cranberries. ???

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