Posing Balloons

Not everyone knows how much I love helium balloons. Neighbors Shawn and Bob brought a patriotic one to our July 4th gathering. I wish I had immediately taken it onto the porch for everyone to enjoy. To prove my addiction later, I tried to show my collection in various states of deflation. Obviously the new one was tugging at its shortened tether and wanted to be taller than the rest. Posing balloons is almost as difficult as posing dogs or children. This impatient photographer does not have a gift for that. I returned the new one to the kitchen where it could be the star of the show.

070517 Balloon collection.jpg

Neighbors brought wonderful food to the party. The others might not have minded, but I would have been annoyed with myself if I’d tried to pose the food while everyone was hungry. There is a time and place for food porn, but not while 13 people are waiting to eat. That’s why you are not going to see the pretty dips, cut up fruit, labor-intensive deviled eggs, and patriotic cake with strawberries and blueberries that they brought. Needless to say, there was little left a day later.

13 thoughts on “Posing Balloons

      1. Haha! In other words, I would *swap* my expertise for portions of your yummy food! Good trade!!! Will give you lots of advance notice of my arrival from Montreal! Stay tuned! 😂

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  1. You’ve got a real skill there with those balloons. I used to be responsible of merchandising helium balloons in a gift shop, and they are some of the most ornery items to make look good that ever were.


  2. Hi Anne, It sounds like you had a wonderful Fourth of July. I love helium balloons too. My oldest grandson loves balloons…he is eleven, and I hope he never grows out of his love for them.


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