The Relaxed Chef

Would you trust this young man to cook all the meat for your neighborhood party?

070417 the relaxed chef.jpg

Grandson Nathaniel didn’t change his pose when I stalked him with the camera. I labeled this shot the Relaxed Chef. Nothing was burned, and nothing was underdone. If he had been nervous, it would not have been due to grilling burgers and brats. He knew he was going to be put on the line at work in an hour. His first week at the steakhouse was spent peeling potatoes and prepping food. He was a line cook yesterday, along with two others. The restaurant was not busy, and they worked as a team, making this a good starting experience for him.

11 thoughts on “The Relaxed Chef

    1. Oh, no!!! I would not require my personal chef to wear a tie. This is the boy who has chosen to wear a suit to class since middle school. He’s a rising senior now and has no plans to abandon that choice. He didn’t get the dress-up gene from me.

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    1. He is learning to fix mistakes. I’m thrilled he doesn’t wail and moan when a dish is not up to his standards. That behavior, in itself, could ruin a dinner party.


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