Logan’s Birthday, One Month Late

We celebrated neighbor Logan’s birthday exactly one month late. First, we were busy adjusting our schedule to accommodate our grandsons’ summer jobs, and then Logan and his family went to a big family reunion out of town. We caught them as they were coming in from that trip. It was the only time our boys would be free at the same time before Logan’s bedtime.

Logan wasn’t interested in having cake. I’m sure he was tired from being in the car for hours, but he also was tempted by a computer game. With seven-year-old stoicism, he came to the table to dutifully blow out his candles.

072417 Logan's late bd singing happy birthday.jpg
Logan backed by Shawn, Nathaniel, John, Bob, and David

Chocolate won. He accepted a small piece of the cake grandson Nathaniel had made for him and proceeded to eat it all. To his credit, he wasn’t antsy but sat there until we brought out his gift. He looked at all the pictures on the box and probably read every word about the water slide. They decided it would be best to wait to open it until he was home.

072417 Logan opens his gift.jpg

Nathaniel offered to play a game of checkers with Logan, while the rest of us chatted and caught up on news. After a while, David sat with him at John’s computer, playing the biker game he likes most at the moment. It was probably well after his bedtime when they went home, and we found his flip-flops under the table. I can’t imagine feet that don’t cringe at walking home over stones and gravel.

12 thoughts on “Logan’s Birthday, One Month Late

  1. Happy birthday Logan!!! I laughed about the feet cringing comment. I attempted to walk out to our mailbox the other day without shoes. I will not be doing that again anytime soon! My feet just cannot do that anymore.


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