Extreme Shopping

Neighbor Logan caught us at a busy time, but he loves a frenetic pace. He appeared at the front door with a bag of marbles, hoping grandsons David and Nathaniel would be free to play with him. Both were getting ready for work, so John agreed to play. We couldn’t remember the rules of the game and had to consult the internet. It seems you begin by drawing a circle in the dirt, but the indoor version calls for defining the circle with thread or string. My shoestring circle was too small, and John’s twine one was too big. After finally getting set up, we found Logan didn’t have enough snap in his thumb to shoot the marble.

072517 Setting up game of marbles.jpg
Logan was very patient with our bumbling.

David left for work, and we had three hours to do a week’s grocery shopping, eat lunch, and get Nathaniel to work. The race was on. Logan picked up our car Bingo cards on the way out. For both trips to town and back, John called out numbers. Logan won about five games in a row, and he tied Nathaniel an amazing four times in a row.

072517 N and Logan play Bingo.jpg
Note both fellows are wearing seat belts.  Our car doesn’t move without that.

With John, every trip to the supermarket is a race, even if there is no time pressure. Nathaniel took a picture of our list with his phone, so he was consulting that as we darted about. He picked out bananas as John chose cherries. I got the peaches and cantaloupe. Logan led us to the free stuff on our way to sausages and brats. The sign said a small bag of popcorn was free for children under 12, and that went in the cart. I chose chicken thighs; John got the ground beef, and Nathaniel picked out pork chops. Logan’s older brother saw the boy with Nate, whom he had never met. His look of bewilderment changed to recognition when we rounded the corner, cart on two wheels. In the dairy section, an employee greeted Logan, asking about his chickens. We didn’t know her, but she obviously knew him. Asking for a hug, she got a willing one! By the time Logan spied yogurt that he wanted, I’d pushed the cart beyond him to catch cottage cheese, yogurt, shredded cheese, Neufchatel, and butter that the tall ones grabbed. Almost out of breath, we found we’d shopped at the rate of $180 per hour. I took a quick shot of John and Logan as our favorite cashier restocked shelves behind them.

072517 Laura JC Logan.jpg
John made Laura laugh as Logan watched our groceries being rung up.

Back at home, I rushed to take two light bags of groceries inside, making a beeline to turn on the oven. The fellows piled everything else on the counter, and by the time the pizza was done, I’d stowed it all away. I was beginning to relax as we ate lunch, but Logan was still in high gear. He found a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle and had almost finished putting the outer edge together when it was time for Nathaniel to go to work. Logan rode along to Maggie Valley so they could play more Bingo, and then his mother called him home. I suspect both households are now strangely quiet.

16 thoughts on “Extreme Shopping

  1. You do live a very active life. I loved your grocery store- seems a quiet one and where the cashier and the sellers still know their customers.
    Is Logan with you the whole day as it is the summer school holiday ?


    1. We have stayed busy since our grandsons came for the summer. Actually, Logan hasn’t been with us much. His parents say he asks to come over all the time, but they don’t let him. At the beginning of the summer he was spending several days a week in a program at his school, and he’s just come back from a trip away. I think he and his parents are going away two more times before school resumes. The supermarket we go to is a very large one. Our favorite cashier usually works the days we tend to go there, and we always go to her line. She is friendly and very efficient and accurate. Can’t ask for more!

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    1. It always surprises me that David and Nathaniel are willing to play with Logan. They don’t have a lot of experience with young children. Maybe that’s what Logan likes, that they treat him like a big boy and don’t talk down to him. Logan is also getting good at checkers. The boys don’t let him win on purpose, yet he wins often enough to stay interested in the game.


  2. I was exhausted just reading this! We do fast grocery shopping too but for far less items (we have no young folks here). It’s a nice break for Logan’s Mom to have a welcoming family for him to visit. Your grandsons are so gracious with him.

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    1. Every once in a while I go to the grocery by myself just to enjoy browsing. I had a neighbor who loved our daughters and often had them play at her house. That certainly gave me breathing space. She was 90 years old, still driving, and still getting down on the floor to play with children! She was a real blessing to me!

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    1. Logan’s parents limit his watching TV and playing video games. I wish you could see him running about outside. He runs like the wind and has marvelous balance on a skateboard. I think he was riding a two-wheeler when he was four years old. He’s seven years old now and reads on a 5th grade level.

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  3. Wow! I think MY house is “strangely quiet” after reading all this! Logan is your honorary grandson and sure keeps you on your toes, it seems. Cute -and smart – kid!


    1. Actually, today we had an everyday trip to the supermarket. John and I went alone with no time pressure. It was boring! We also came home with all the correct things that were on the list. That reminds me of the adventures of shopping with a toddler in the cart. We discovered things we paid for that we had not put in the cart.


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