A Brotherly Visit

My brother Bob and Beth zipped across the state to see our grandsons before the summer got away from us. We always enjoy being with them and were glad they suggested a visit. Both David and Nathaniel got the day off. Our chef (Nathaniel) offered to grill the chicken. We got tickled at the way he washed his hands in the kitchen while standing on the porch. He is the only one tall enough to do that.

072817 N washes hands from porch.jpg

I took a quick shot of the group, not realizing John was out of sight. The only one to notice the toy camera was son John $.

072817 N Beth Bob D $ lunch on porch.jpg
Nathaniel, Beth, Bob, David, and John $

Thinking of our waistlines, I did not bake a dessert. Instead we indulged in S’mores. Beth laughed that I got chocolate all over my face. She asked for the camera and caught me biting into the gooey mess. My favorite, of all the pictures she took of me, was the one that made Nathaniel appear to have a full mountain beard, all gray.  I don’t know how he got the rake to stick to his forehead.  (I’ll do anything to divert your attention away from my face.)

072817 S'mores big bite.jpg
Nathaniel gray-beard and me

David and Nathaniel offered to roast the marshmallows for everyone. We had only one each, but they could afford more. Youthful high jinks kicked in, and Nathaniel hid David’s plate. David retaliated. I found the hidden plate before Nathaniel did.

072817 Case of hidden S'more.jpg

David and I had not finished a jigsaw puzzle and knew Beth and Bob might join us in working it. I wasn’t paying attention to what Bob was doing. Looking over, I found he had organized the pieces in just a few seconds, making them much easier to find.

072817 Bob arranged pieces.jpg

Beth and Bob are great at home maintenance and often find things to help us with. A flag had been hanging up on a gutter, so in the morning Bob climbed up and covered a rough place with duct tape. I knew this was in the morning, because John was still wearing his neon shirt for walking in fog.

072917 Gutter repair morning.jpg

They moved to the drain under the driveway, trying to get out a soccer ball that had lodged deep inside. This became a group project when Dawn came from next door to bring us cans of coffee. She had ordered a big supply for her mother, who died before the coffee was finished. Dawn and Beth were observing the fellows wielding shovel and water hose. That project is open-ended, the ball still being lodged in the pipe.

072917 Drain repair Beth Dawn D N JC Bob.jpg
Ladies row, Beth and neighbor Dawn.  Fellows are David, Nathaniel, John, and Bob.

Later in the day, Bob saw the flag hung up again and added more tape. I’m amazed at what these older people can do. I’m in that age group, but my physical prowess is totally unremarkable.

072917 Gutter repair afternoon.jpg

27 thoughts on “A Brotherly Visit

  1. I love how you bring what Americana really is and means. Family, love and food and all the things we need to get in touch with these days. It’s a closeness that seems to be missing in most parts of the country. It isn’t about ostentatious living but a wholesome bond that we lack today and need to somehow get back. It’s about family having fun and being close. It’s a hard thing to explain and show to someone who has never had it or experienced it but what a joy to live vicariously through you and your family. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I miss it. That’s what I loved about the south. Most there are still in touch with that way of living.

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    1. What a wonderful comment, Jolie! Thank you. We had the same kind of life in New York with John’s family. For many years we lived within walking distance of each other. I’m sure we would not have been very close if it had involved driving an hour or so. I hereby declare that you are part of our extended family. Join us any time you can.

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  2. I totally agree with joliesattic. And “the one that made Nathaniel appear to have a full mountain beard, all gray. I don’t know how he got the rake to stick to his forehead. (I’ll do anything to divert your attention away from my face.)” totally made me laugh. Love that beautiful face!

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  3. I love seeing the closeness you have with your family! It’s heartwarming to see that distance doesn’t keep you apart for long, or stop you from the fun you have together. ❤


    1. It probably helps to be a bit loony. Besides, we don’t have many relatives, and we have to make the most of them. I just happened to think that John has no brothers, and I have no sisters. We needed to fully adopt all the in-laws to feel complete.


    1. I was reading the second half of the sentence when I realized who Vert was. One of our daughters knows him. It’s marvelous to have visitors with fixitis. Beth and Bob are master gardeners, too. I’d love to be a helpful visitor, but not many people need to have their pianos played. No one has ever needed me to type an audit report, either. *sigh*


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