Hummingbird Moth

Shawn had just seen a special moth beside her front walk when she came to our house. I had never heard of a Hummingbird Moth, so I was eager to see it. Of course, the little red camera was in my pocket and wanted to get in on the action. At first I thought the creature resembled a bumble bee, but it really was different. It moved in and out of flowers as easily as a hummer. I read that it is fairly widespread and likes the same flowers that butterflies prefer. Its most unusual trait is that it operates in daylight, unlike other moths. The sun was bright, so I couldn’t tell if the images were good or not. Shawn said she’d never gotten a camera that close to one before. I was pleased with one shot, especially since the little camera is not a particularly good one and was operated by a rank amateur.

072417 Hummingbird moth in Shawn's garden.jpg

A video clip of the moth was fairly good, also. I might rename this the video clip of the month.

21 thoughts on “Hummingbird Moth

    1. I laughed that you heard peace in the video. The first one I took, Shawn was scolding the dog Dolly. I hope to find some editing tool that can remove the sound track, because the video itself was good. She would be horrified if she heard herself screaming at the dog.

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  1. Anne,
    The moth looked like a bumble bee but it was beautiful and so busy.
    You took a lovely video and shot.
    I take it – you are a little less busy this day.


    1. Shawn, Bob, and Logan had come over for us to have a little birthday celebration for Logan. As she came in the house, Shawn mentioned the moth and was happy to go with me to see it. So, we were very busy, having put a party on hold to watch it. I’m realizing that the summer is rapidly coming to its end. Today David put in his two-week notice for leaving work. How the days stretched out before us in June! Now we are scrambling to do the things we thought would be easy to fit in. It has been a wonderful summer.

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    1. You are right about the energy of the hummingbird moth. I’m sitting here seeing real hummingbirds squabble over the feeder just outside my sliding glass door. They waste so much energy fighting. There’s a lesson there!!!

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