National S’mores Day

I had no inkling there was such a thing as National S’mores Day until SIL Beth texted me that today (August 10th) was the day. When grandson Nathaniel heard the news, he agreed to keep the fire going after he grilled hot dogs and brats for our noon meal. He suggested we super-size it in honor of the day. Are you ready for this? He used the last two Moon Pies for us to split! They had been lying here for ages after everyone had tried one from the box of a dozen. In essence, they are instant S’mores, because they have a graham cracker base, marshmallow filling, and chocolate coating. Nathaniel grilled a giant marshmallow until it was gooey inside, then placed it on top of dark chocolate squares, all sandwiched by the rich Moon Pies.

081017 N roasts a giant marshmallow.jpg

After splitting it in half, we added up the calories. If we had been allowing ourselves 1,000 calories a day, we would have used up half our allotted amount on that one item! I’m going on a strict water diet until supper time.

081017 Moonpie S'more on National S'mores Day.jpg

19 thoughts on “National S’mores Day

    1. You are right about no one looking at feet. At least, the people I’m around don’t comment, even when I wear sneakers to a wedding. I wear only sneakers, so it’s not as if it was a slight to anyone.

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    2. I had a problem walking and used a cane for two and a half years. Walking like a normal person is a thrill for me now, but my feet are not happy in shoes. There is a direct correlation to happy feet and a smiling face.

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      1. Yes! I had bunion surgery and while “they said” I’d be able to wear heels, my feet are not happy. No happy feet, no happy Kate so I stick to low shoes. I’m glad you progressed to “normal” walking. Canes aren’t fun to lug around.

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    3. I had a bizarre cane that did so many odd things that I wrote a collection of stories about it. When I returned the cane to the lending place, I gave them a copy. No one should have borrowed that cane without knowing its history.

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  1. Now that’s a s’mores along the lines of fried Oreos! LOL I learned that the south has a whole different spin on just about anything sweet. And, they can find more things to fry than anybody I know. I had to revamp my thinking after moving to California.


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