Logan’s Goodbye to David

We didn’t see a lot of neighbor Logan this summer. He was away with his parents several times, and we were busy with grandsons David and Nathaniel. To mark the end of this visit, Shawn and Bob invited us for a pancake supper featuring maple syrup they bought when they were in Vermont. It was bitter-sweet for me, because I know how much Logan and David enjoy playing games together. There SHOULD have been more time, but David was usually working when Logan was free.

Logan’s manners were wonderful as he sat through the leisurely meal. Finally he asked if he and David could be excused from the table. As they got up, David admitted that Logan had quietly asked him to play checkers many times. I had to take a shot of Logan’s position after they switched to a different game. One foot was on the coffee table, and I think the other was on the floor. Logan’s concentration was such that I doubt he knew I took a flash photo.

081117 Logan plays game with David.jpg

The rest of the adults chatted for a bit at the table.

081117 JC Bob Kate Shawn.jpg
John, Bob, Kate, and Shawn

Our daughter Kate was with us for one full day. She drove down from New Jersey to pick up David and take him to college in New York.

081117 Kate on my deck.jpg

Logan and the youngest of the adults played Uno for several rounds.

081117 Uno game Logan Shawn David Kate.jpg
Logan, Shawn, David, and Kate

When it was time to go, David and John swung Logan over their heads. In the photo, the boy is just a blur, high in the air. Nathaniel missed all this fun because he was working. That was the hallmark of our summer – juggling schedules.

081117 David JC flipping Logan.jpg
David, blur of Logan, and John

The next morning I spotted David’s final balancing act of the season. The ice cream scoop was hanging precariously over the sink. I was already missing you before you left, David. Can’t wait for you and Kate to come back!

081217 David's last balancing act.jpg

30 thoughts on “Logan’s Goodbye to David

    1. I usually make myself busy so that I don’t cry. I don’t know why today was more difficult. Regret was a bit of it. We didn’t do all the things we wanted to do. David worked five days a week, which is quite a bit more than he did last year.

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      1. I used to cheerfully tell my kids good bye, then go in and cry a good while. I was melancholy for days! My friends can attest. It is still hard. Farming for generations kept us all nearby=like next door-I so miss those days! I am going to stop now-lest I cry again!

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    2. It is hard when people who used to be physically close are now far away. 800 miles will separate us from daughter and grandsons. Email, blogs, and Facebook certainly help. I’ve been texting with David while his mother drives.

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    1. We are spoiled with beautiful scenery. Of course, we wanted a good view when we were house hunting. We were blessed with 24-hour scenery. Can’t ask for more. Every Sunday we drive from Waynesville to Asheville, and we drink in the mountain scenes.

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  1. It’s nice to have the technology to keep us in the loop isn’t it?! I love reading about your family and what a great shot that was with Logan and David and John!


  2. Anne
    As they say – meeting is sweet, parting is pain.
    Each moment is precious that we spend with loved ones.
    David looks pre occupied in the picture too.
    When my children travel, I do feel sad but don’t cry often.
    When I left my mother, this time, she cried like her heart was breaking.


    1. Your mother had been through a lot. Perhaps her tears came because she was a bit weak. I hardly ever cried until I was middle aged. Perhaps more things truly touched my heart. I am probably odd, but I always shed a few tears at a wedding and hardly ever cry at funerals.

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  3. So many sweet friend and family moments in your post…a perfect ending…the ice cream scoop. You live a lovely life Anne.


    1. Yes, we have been richly blessed. Our older grandson is now back on campus, ready to help with the international orientation. The chef grandson is creating an eclipse cake for next week. Oh! With your mention of the ice cream scoop as a perfect ending, I thought of Friendly’s restaurant with their happy ending — a scoop of ice cream. We certainly went through our share of ice cream this summer! Sweet thought!

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    1. We love those grandsons to bits. One of the things I enjoy most is that they get along so well with each other. They are half brothers and grew up in different households. They treasure their time together. What joy!

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