Tats are Out

I’m here to tell you that tats are out, and nose décor will be the newest fad. Tattoos had been rising in popularity, judging by their visibility on the street. Once people see the possibilities of decorating their noses, this fashion will be nothing to sneeze at. Those looking for “green” possibilities will be thrilled. They can use organic elements found in their own gardens. Beat the rush! Get your style sheet today! Send in the Sinus Up Form immediately! Nathaniel is modeling the Wistful Wisteria Pod, a very popular look for August.

082117 N with wisteria nose.jpg

A few days ago grandson N picked all the pods under the pergola. Of course, being as tall as he is, he didn’t need a ladder.

080717 N picks wisteria pods.jpg

He began to empty his pockets onto the table. I thought it was a magic trick, as they just kept coming and coming.

080717 N taking pods out of pockets.jpg

He asked us to guess how many there were.

080717 Pile of pods 75 in all.jpg

I don’t remember who won, but the total was 75. We weighed the largest pod, showing 3 ounces. I didn’t think to weigh the whole crop.

080717 Largest pod weighs 3 ounces.jpg

If anyone wants some, please come help yourself. I’m wondering how we will dispose of them. If we take them to the dump, 75 pods might explode and cover the whole county next spring.

23 thoughts on “Tats are Out

    1. We weighed only the largest wisteria pod. That would have been interesting to get the weight of the whole crop. How else could we compare our harvest next year? It’s too late now, because I’ve tossed a few in the garbage. Guess we’ll just have to pod along and try to remember the weigh to go next year.


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