Summer-ending Photos

After grandson David went back to college, we had another couple of weeks with his brother, Nathaniel. I took the photo below when we went shopping in Tennessee. I sat in the second row of seats, and Nathaniel was in the third row. He draped his long frame over one seat, with his feet touching the front seat. He listened to music, read something on his phone, and had the new skillet in his lap.

082417 N with new skillet.jpg

He seasoned the skillet that evening by applying shortening and baking it in the oven. The last thing he cooked for us was a batch of cathead biscuits, so called because they were as big as a cat’s head. He said they were a Southern tradition, but I had never heard the term. We skirted the issue by calling them delicious.

082617 N's cat head biscuits in new skillet.jpg

Neighbor Logan spent an afternoon with us shortly before school started. He found a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle in the closet.

081717 Logan works jigsaw by himself.jpg

Although it was a little frustrating for him, he worked it entirely by himself. He was happy to pose for a victory photo.

081717 Logan finishes puzzle.jpg

This last Monday of August was the day David started classes, Nathaniel arrived home, and Logan had his first day of school.

A friend took our son’s picture at Rocky Top in Tennessee on a warm afternoon. That makes a fitting summery/summary photo.

082017 $ at Rocky Top TN.jpg

38 thoughts on “Summer-ending Photos

  1. Question. How did he make them, they look fluffy, mine sometimes turn out like hocky pucks and I can’t figure what I’m doing wrong. There’s something about the climate. I had no trouble in California, turning out a good biscuit, but in Alabama, everything went wrong. Grandma used to make the best, but she was long gone by the time I came of age, but the memory of those biscuits is still fresh in my mind. Somehow the flour was different and there was nothing like fresh churned butter and sorghum on top for them to make my day.


    1. My computer complained that it couldn’t find that site. I did see lots of recipes on the internet when I asked about cathead biscuits. One site said they came from the Mississippi Delta. That might explain why I had never heard about them. I grew up in West Tennessee.


  2. Logan is growing up! Oh my, didn’t realize I’d been on your blog long enough to see the difference. and he is so cute. I feel as though he is my neighbor too. and I too love biscuits. down in here in Mississippi my mama always used Martha White self rising flour. Wouldn’t use any other. But I may try the “cat head” recipe. always enjoy your blog.


  3. biscuits! yummy. It has been so long since I had a good biscuit I don’t remember when! I don’t bake any more… Wow…Logan is growing! Like the photo of your grandson with the frying pan in his lap…and nowadays who ever is seen without their phone on their ear or tablet in their hands… or both 🙂


    1. Here is a recipe from a friend that might appeal to you. It could be cut in half and baked in a toaster oven:

      1 cup self rising flour
      1/4 cup cold margarine
      1/8 tsp salt

      Pulse in a food processor

      Slowly add 1/3 cup buttermilk

      When balls, put into lightly floured square pan. Sprinkle a little flour in top. Use fingers and gently press to square. Cut into size biscuits you want.
      Place biscuits on cookie sheet. Brush with butter or buttermilk.
      Bake 425.


    1. In 2014 Lake City TN changed its name to Rocky Top, hoping to latch onto fame from the song. Got that on line, because I didn’t know the song or town. Perhaps there are others elsewhere.


    1. I think good biscuits depend on the way you hold your mouth! I used to make them most Saturdays. Sometimes they were light and fluffy and other times not. Mine are more dense now because I use whole wheat flour.


    1. I wish I could take credit for guiding Nathaniel in seasoning his skillet. He already knew it had to be done, and his Uncle John $ gave his advice. I was most proud that the grandson READ THE DIRECTIONS HIMSELF!!! Sometimes I think I’m the only person in the world who will read instructions.


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