Humor in the Pulpit

Our pastor has a wonderful sense of humor that shows itself in the pulpit when things get out of control. Normally he reads the text for the sermon, opens with prayer, and launches into the message. He often grabs the attention of the pewsters, as he did yesterday, with a direct question.

Pastor asked, “How many of you like Brussels sprouts? Raise your hand. That many? Well, let’s just say if you invite me over to your house, you don’t need to serve Brussels sprouts. I can get along just fine without them.”

There were titters throughout the congregation. Continuing in a luring tone, he asked, “How many of you would like a fresh, warm, glazed doughnut?”

We knew he was warming to his theme, because his love of doughnuts is self-proclaimed. His eyes were bugging out as he exclaimed, “More of you like Brussels sprouts than doughnuts!!!! I can see this sermon is not going the way I wanted it to.”

There was loud laughter, and he had everyone’s rapt attention.

[For those who might want to know, he preached about the faith of the four men who brought the paralytic man to Jesus. Our faith, in a supporting role, can help miracles occur.]

19 thoughts on “Humor in the Pulpit

  1. So … the moral of the story is, some miracle must have occurred if the majority of the congregation would prefer Brussels sprouts to a fresh warm glazed doughnut? I mean, I like Brussels sprouts as far as vegetables go, but I’d love to learn the secret to liking them more than doughnuts. LOL

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    1. I think this was a numbers game, Debi. More people raised their hands voting for Brussels sprouts, but surely it didn’t mean they would choose sprouts over doughnuts!!!! If that is the case, I’m sure I don’t belong with that crowd! Like you, I like sprouts as a veggie. They would never be a dessert for me, though John would probably tell me I was having my just desserts.

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  2. (Pete here, in case “hogfiddle” doesn’t ring a bell). A little off topic, but a local history I consulted when I was volunteering at Lincoln’s New Salem park had a story about a pastor who was tired of eating pumpkin, dried and stewed (sort of like winter squash?) when he visited his flock. So he worked up a table grace that went sort of like this: “And may a merciful and loving God smite, blast and utterly destroy the pumpkin crop, so his servants never have to eat it again at Sunday dinner.” Not what I was used to seeing in local history tomes.


  3. The pastor who has everyone in splits is the happy pastor. We have a Bishop in our church back home who is known for his humorous and sometimes many think scandalous interpretations of the Bible. But he has kept more people in the church than any of the serious, preachy ones.
    I am glad he talked about those who helped the paralyzed man.

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  4. I’ve never cared that much for donuts and certainly would not have been my sweets of choice when I first moved to Alabama. Then they rolled in nearly everyday for the next ten years and it was all I could do to stay away from… doughnut holes. After all, those have zero calories. Right? Well, after about a cajillion of those, my gut proved that theory wrong. I’ve been in California now for 3 1/2 years and I think I can safely say, I’ve had less than ten fingers worth. Probably closer to five fingers worth, but my gut hasn’t given in. I think it’s waiting for the donut fix.


      1. I don’t know. Not much other than sandwiches have bread, but pasta is big and I don’t care for pasta much. I went to a cupcake shop after seeing those luscious cupcakes they bit into on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, but they were small and disappointing. There are donut shops here but they look kind of grungy. Marie Callendars’ has a decent pie in the freezer section and so does Costco, but it’s just me and my hubby here and one pie would last us two weeks, they are so huge. LOL

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  5. Anne, He sounds like a wonderful pastor. I love sermons that relate to everyday life. Our pastor always reads a joke right before the offering is taken. I don’t know where he finds them but they always get a laugh.

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