Family Fun

We had a mini-family reunion to look forward to after the grandsons went back to school. John’s sisters and husbands were coming here, and we were going together to a family wedding in Tennessee. Illness and the threat of a hurricane have caused one couple to cancel. John pointed out that if South Carolina evacuates the coast, they might get here and not be able to get home. Though disappointed, we are enjoying being with the New York relatives. Barbara and Thom walked to the creek with us this morning, so I took the obligatory photo. John is not in the picture, because he turned back to help a neighbor in distress. She had an appointment in half an hour and could not find her car keys. To speed things up, John asked neighbor Marla to drive him home to get our car, but by then the keys had been found. That’s what I love about our neighbors. They are willing to request help, as well as give it.

090717 Barbara and Thom at the creek.jpg

You might wonder what retirees do when they get together. We have rocking chairs on the front porch and seats on the back porch, with mountain views in all directions. We are not rocking our lives away. After breakfast we went in separate rooms to work! Thom needed to listen to lectures for a course he is taking, and Barbara was working on a presentation. John has been writing a series about the hymn-of-the-month for church. I’m the only one playing, but I do learn lots of interesting things while reading blogs. That’s a good excuse in my book, but it’s also one of the many reasons I enjoy being alive.

9 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. >They are willing to request help, as well as give it.

    Signs of really great relationships. So glad you have that. What fun seeing those beautiful, smiling faces. Love to you all 🙂


  2. Anne
    Nothing like family to be yourself with, I love the fact that each went back to do his own work even while on holiday and behaved as though nothing was out of the normal.


    1. A day later John was looking at a train in Arizona; Barbara was reading a book, and Thom was writing an announcement for someone to make in church. We’ll be going out to a restaurant overlooking the mountains for lunch.

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