75 Years Passed

Another way of saying 75 years passed is that three quarters of a century are in the past โ€“ on John’s odometer. Thank heavens John himself has not passed! Our son and I treated him to a prime rib dinner on his 76th birthday. The meat was rare, as was the dinner. When we lived in England in the 80s, John occasionally had prime rib with horseradish. The hunger for that dish resurfaced last year and again this year. I’m sure he will not yearn for it more often, if that means another year of his life has passed.

091517 Anne John on John's 76th birthday.jpg

The venue for the birthday meal was the restaurant where grandson Nathaniel worked all summer. The co-owner who had hired him was checking with diners to see if everything were satisfactory. When she came to us, John said Nathaniel sent greetings. Her face brightened up, and she began to say the most wonderful things about him. She said how much she had enjoyed him, that he had raised the bar in the kitchen, and that she hoped he would come back. That, in itself, was like another birthday present for John.

We enjoyed our dinners. John $ and I chose meatloaf, a less expensive item on the menu. I had a second reason to choose it. I suspect Nathaniel had made it! He used 20 pounds of beef for meatloaf the last time he prepared it. He might also have diced the tomatoes for the tomato jelly that decorated the top of the meat. It was delicious and beautifully presented. We came home and had angel food cake with strawberries and whipped topping. This is John’s favorite birthday dessert, one that his grandmother and his mother made for him when he was growing up.

I was thankful that John was alive for his 76th birthday. The next morning, my sentiments were not exactly the same. He planned to leave for a day at the train club in Tennessee at 5:45 am. Well before he left, he played Lutheran Public Radio using the phone in his pocket. The hymns were performed by a choir of recorders with the intensity of 100 bagpipes.

After 5 hours of silence, I was glad he texted me that he arrived safely.

32 thoughts on “75 Years Passed

  1. Both of your choices for dinner sound good to me. I like prime rib with horsey sauce and I like meatloaf. I’m glad that you had a good time for John’s birthday and that he got to his destination safely. You two do have your fun.


    1. Thanks, Louise. I knew your dad before I met your mother and you. Well, I didn’t know him. I recognized him on campus because someone always pointed him out and said he was an expert on nature. Y’all were a wonderful part of the school. I’m sure you and I never exchanged more than a social word or so, if that much. It’s odd how paths can cross and only become meaningful later.


  2. First Happy birthday to the love of your life-he does not look his age. Next, awwh you are sentimental too! I would have ordered meatloaf too! I know the praise for Nathaniel just completed that moment-and how sweet to fix his special cake! What a delightful and inspiring story!!


    1. Thank you for the birthday greeting. John celebrates for a full month, so your message is considered on time. My birthday, in contrast, lasts two days if it’s really drawn-out It’s right before Christmas and must be celebrated with concentration.

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