Choose Your Neighbors

Our friends, who keep up with news of the neighborhood, seem to get lots of their information from Sorrell’s. That’s the service station/cafe that we walk by on our way to the creek. Today I got the scoop there, only outside, not inside.

A white SUV stopped, and the window rolled down. Neighbor Les and his wife wanted to know where John was. They laughed when I said he had a play date in Tennessee. I explained that he would be with lots of other train madmen enthusiasts, riding on small trains around a big track.

They changed the subject, asking, “Did you see the For Sale sign in our yard?”

Yes, John and I had seen it. In fact, John sent a link to friends in the middle of this state who have expressed interest in moving to the mountains. Les found a house nearby and bought it. The house is larger, and there is more land around it. They won’t move until the old one has been sold.

“Would you tell all your friends about it?” Les asked. “This is your chance to choose your neighbors!”

I would never have thought of that. It’s brilliant! If you are interested in buying a small house on a lower slope of a North Carolina mountain, let me know.  There is also a separate building that could be used as a studio or office.  Below is the realtor’s photo taken from the side.  Come and be our neighbor!

Neighbor house.jpg

25 thoughts on “Choose Your Neighbors

    1. John gave up several of his play times this summer because we needed two cars here to get boys to work. He never complained, so he earned this weekend of fun. I’m glad someone related to you is a train buff. Large family groups need at least one train geek to round out the group. Obviously, John is ours.

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    1. No! No! No! We’re not losing Logan!!!! I don’t know that I could bear to write about something like that. This morning I happened to be walking where the school bus stops as Bob brought Logan in the car. When I asked which side of the bus he sat on, he pointed and then said the right side.

      “When did you learn left and right?” I asked.

      He replied, “When I was two.”

      I told him I remember learning that when I was six. I was amazed he knew it so early. Honesty got the better of him, and he asked his dad. Bob said, “You learned it two weeks ago.” I guess the “two” part was correct, only it was weeks, not years.

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    1. Wow! London! You are close to the sea anywhere in England! I understand about living close to the shore. We did that for 50 years. Too bad we can’t lure you here. You would be a wonderful neighbor.


      1. Thanks for the invite my friend. The Hen (Mary Agnes) turned 74 on the 28th, she is doing a 6 mile Kayak race today to support the local Lions Club. Hard to do in the mountains. Love Ashville though, have been a Biltmore member for years. Also lived in Millington, TN years ago thanks to my Uncle Sam. A beautiful fall day on the Eastern Shore.


    2. Just so you know, people canoe and kayak on the French Broad River all the time. We are very close to Lake Junaluska, too, where there are lots of water sports.

      Did you mention Millington before? I always drove by the base to get to college in Memphis. In fact, that base is responsible for my marrying John! His uncle was posted there in the war, and after the war he and Aunt Kay decided to live in Memphis. John had gone to Lutheran schools in NY all his life and wanted something different for college. Aunt Kay lived within walking distance of Rhodes College, so he decided to go there. The rest is on-going history.


    1. I’m sure no one we know will move here, so we’ll just look forward to meeting new people. We have been incredibly blessed by the neighbors around us. Maybe, just maybe, the mountains act as a filter. No, that can’t be it. Our neighbors on Long Island were marvelous, as well.


  1. Great idea, Les had- the ability to choose one’s neighbors. Would you still be able to see Les after they have moved ?
    You do live in picture perfect surroundings- I think everyone becomes neighborly after moving there- life moving slowly and people taking things as they come.


      1. YEs, the mountains seem a retiree’s paradise. If I had the money, I would have a mountain home too- far from the madding crowd. There are places within 3 hours of where I come from where there are mountains and I hope someday to have a small niche of land I can call my own there.


    1. I hope your dream of having a place in the mountains comes true. I had a growing longing to live here for 60 years. I often step over to the glass door when I get up, just to reassure myself that I’m not dreaming. I try to remember to give God thanks every day for bringing us here.

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      1. Anne,
        I can so understand that. I can visualize you standing at your glass door and looking around at the beauty around you and saying a word of thanks. Pure air and sweet water is a blessing very few have.

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