A Special Visit

Niece Julie and her house-mate Patty came for the weekend while John was away. We talked non-stop except for when we were sleeping. We were pleased the Blue Ridge Parkway was open again, after having been closed because of trees downed by Hurricane Irma. There wasn’t much wind at our house, but it was a different story high on the ridges.

Saturday was perfect for seeing Waynesville in tourist mode. The town was clogged with people who were wandering in and out of shops. We went in one that I hadn’t been in before and then drove for views of the mountains from the parkway. It was sunny with pretty clouds high in the sky. We drove one section, stopping at several overlooks. On the way back home, we drove through Maggie Valley, where I pointed out the restaurant that grandson Nathaniel had worked in this summer. Patty saw an advertisement for a rock shop and expressed interest in seeing it. I had no idea it was there. We looked at all the gem stones, bought souvenir rings, and saw a child enjoying his search for treasure in a bucket of stones.

After we got home and John returned, we heard a clap of thunder. The heavens opened, and we were treated to a deluge. We saw a rainbow from the back porch, with the end reaching the earth in neighbor Joyce’s yard. It was the closest I’ve ever been to a rainbow. The driving rain splattered us until we moved chairs back and retreated. From the front porch, we watched the grassy ditch change into our personal stream. It’s not often we get perfect weather followed by a spectacular storm, all within a few hours.

Although we were together for parts of three days, I didn’t snare a photo until we were going to church. The toy camera is one-eyed, making every selfie attempt a gamble. This is the best I had to show for a relaxing weekend of fun and laughter.

2017-09-24 10.32.29.jpg
Julie, Anne, and Patty.  Only I knew when the shutter would click.

30 thoughts on “A Special Visit

          1. awwwh-thank you-and I feel the same bout you!! Please read my last post again! Only part published the first time!!??? I was horror stricken when I saw-it sounded crazy-haha! Please give me another chance! love Michele


            1. Thanks for telling me your post was short. I wondered why when I read it. Now my day is complete. I’m happy for you that Lyla lives close enough for you to drive to see her. Would have missed that without your alert.

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  1. I agree. Anne, your house is a happy home. And it is because of you.

    In our culture people prefer to visit the houses where the women are hospitable. I would say the same applies in your case. You must be making times fun for your guests.
    The photo is beautiful- which one is niece Julie ?


    1. Julie is the one in the black top. Oh, golly! Here, black top is a kind of road surface. Julie is not wearing asphalt or tar.

      Our guests make their own fun. I tell them I’m happy to cook for them and will enjoy talking to them, but I am not a good tour director. If there are things they want to see or do, they should tell us. Most do.

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    2. I offered to drive Julie and Patty around the area, but Julie opted to drive. She sometimes gets a little car sick, and she feels better if she is driving. I was happy with that. She’s an excellent driver, and I like looking out of the window.

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    1. I recognized your picture, not the blog name. Yes, I had a wonderful weekend, and we’re making plans for Julie and Patty to come again next month. Wish you and Bill were on the list of coming-over people!


  2. Your description of the rain shower brought back memories! As a child, we would often sit on two wooden swings on our porch and watch it rain, pour, lightning and flood; the smell of summer rain still brings back those memories!


    1. I grew up like that, too, watching storms from the front porch. Would you disclose where you grew up, or is that too personal? I particularly loved a waterfall that magically appeared on the neighbor’s concrete steps to the street.

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      1. I grew up in Wichita, Kansas (Tornado Alley); I emigrated to Scotland when I was 20, so I went from crashing Thunderstorms and tornado-chasing to drizzle! 😉 I’ve lived in Switzerland for the past 25 years, and here we get a bit of both – minus tornados, plus avalanches. 🙂


    2. Thank you. I’m so glad to know where you have lived. We had a few tornadoes in Tennessee, but nothing like Kansas. In New York we had blizzards and hurricanes. So far we haven’t had violent weather in North Carolina. I cannot imagine avalanches.

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    1. If I’d thought about it ahead of time, a rainbow would have been on my wish list for our guests. Julie’s dad (my brother) was here with wife Beth once when they saw the most intense rainbow they had ever seen. This was the closest. I wonder what other superlative rainbows are going to show themselves when we have company. We’ll have to wait, since rainbow season is probably past for this year.

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  3. You know if we were teenagers and you were a mean girl, I’d accuse you of intentionally rigging your camera so that only you knew when to smile. However, considering our ages I’m going to accept your explanation of why you look so good in the pic and the others look confused. Still… 😉


    1. LOL!! I clicked three times, and this was the only shot that had all three heads in it. The others were getting restive behind me. I laughed at your first conclusion, but I wanted ALL of us to look spectacular. I could have lived with a bad one of me if the others had looked good. When they come back, I’ll try with the phone where I can see what I’m aiming at.

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