Not the Last Rose of Summer

Who would have thought a blooming plant would tap me on the shoulder in the garden? I stooped to trim an ambitious ground cover, focusing on the escaping tendrils at my toes. Not knowing the truth of the matter, I thought I was being stalked the second time it touched me. Looking up, I was face to face with a gladiolus stalk in full bloom. I was right — stalked! Its compatriots died months ago, and it was surrounded by dried leaves, languishing in the dust. It was bowed over, facing the ground, which is why I hadn’t seen it from the porch. Any living thing, clinging to life like that, deserved to be digitally immortalized.


The shot was a blind one. I held the toy camera under the blooms, shooting up at the cloudy sky. The old oak tree photo-bombed it, waving with the leaves it had left. The top of my Einstein hair-do jumped in, too.

100717 Gladiolus flash.jpg

As long as the camera was in the garden, it captured two other blooms. The most enthusiastic bloom was a single clematis. I thought its expression was like a deer in headlights. It was as surprised to be there as I was to see it.

100718 Clematis.jpg

The rose was one of 22 left on the two bushes. It will be a while until the last one succumbs. I’ll play a proper elegy for it then.  Do you have any clingers in your garden?

100718 Not last rose of summer.jpg
Oak leaves again, this time looking up from the ground!

41 thoughts on “Not the Last Rose of Summer

  1. How lovely. I’m so glad for you! The best part of the first year in a new home is all of nature’s surprises from season to season. Here yellow is finally taking a firm hold on the trees in town as well as out here in the acres. Grass is slowing down but so are the weeds. Tomatoes and peppers are still ripening but no more blooms. Cukes and zukes have given up the ghost and inchworms took over the kale rendering it good chicken food. The roses only stopped budding this past week, but the blooms last much longer. Sweet alyssum and petunias are as fragrant as ever, but they too aren’t budding anymore.


  2. I’m still getting pinks and yellow day lilies, and my annuals are still all blooming. My mums are just starting to be in full bloom. And my roses actually seem to bloom a bit better for a week or so after the first frost, which still hasn’t come this year. Love all those fall flowers!


  3. The photos are beautiful Anne! My Russian Sage continues to bloom and my blue flax has decided it should try a few more also. I was also surprised by the Stella del Oro daylilies that have a couple blooms this last week. Usually our sedum is the only thing with blooms at this point.


    1. That’s something that you have a freeze warning for tonight. After the hurricane rain came through, our temps rose. It almost feels like summer here. John said it is supposed to last all week. I’m glad my summer clothes are always within reach.

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  4. What beautiful blooms clinging on before the winter approaches. I love how you fully appreciate their beauty and grace. I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb, but I do have a solid appreciation for the glorious colors and blooms put in our path. Beautiful photos (Einstein hair notwithstanding–love it!).


    1. I should look for photos of Mexican sage and pineapple sage. I haven’t a clue what they look like. My plants have to introduce themselves to me, enunciating clearly. I might have met your plants and don’t know it.


  5. I cut my clematis down last week. I have a beautiful blue one but if I don’t cut it down to the ground, it gets very woody with stems and is not attractive in the middle of the summer. We have aging hydrangeas that look just lovely along with a stray annual. It’s late for gladiolas! Treasure that thing!


    1. Our clematis seems to be the self-trimming variety. It never gets big enough to threaten me. Our middle-aged hydrangea has never bloomed and has no intention of starting on my watch. I’ve seen photos of your garden — you are talented.

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  6. Gorgeous surprises in your garden. My husband and I gazed in amazement at our forsythia bush which has blossoms for a second time. Perhaps because of our warm weather. I still have zinnias to cut and bring indoors to the vases. They continue to gift us with color even after the first frost. 🙂


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