What You See Before You Die

This is the last thing I saw clearly. We were at Jonathan Creek, and John commented on how high the water was after Hurricane Nate’s rain. The stones he called “loaves of bread” were totally under water. The rapids had also disappeared. There was nothing but a torrent of water rushing madly by.

100917 Creek swollen by hurricane rain.jpg

One moment I could see clearly, and then I lost my focus. I desperately hoped it was just the fog surrounding us.

100917 Toy camera's last view of the world.jpg

That was a vain hope, because I died right there beside the creek. My dying words were in Halloween orange, Lens error!

100917 RIP little red camera.jpg

RIP Little Toy Camera.

24 thoughts on “What You See Before You Die

    1. An email friend wrote and said there would be lots of people happy at the demise of the toy camera. She is aware that several people I know avoid being in front of my camera. Two of the photos in this post were taken with my phone, so it takes more than the death of a camera to stop the flow.

      xxx Miniature Camera Hugs Magnified xxx

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    1. Yes, it had a good long life. I got him before we moved, so that would be about three and a half years ago. Not bad for a camera that lived in my pocket! He’s leaning against a pen holder on my desk right now and seems to be as content as a dead camera could be.

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    1. Thanks, Ellie. I spent more time with Little Red than I did with my own brother. I plan to replace him when I have a chance to read the fine print on the specs of new cameras. Thank heavens there is a wide range of prices! The low end always attracts my miserly mind.


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