Run Up a Tree

Neighbor Logan came over while we were finishing a very late lunch. He sat with us on the porch for a few minutes, and then he jumped up.

John asked, “Where are you going?”

“Gonna climb the tree,” he replied, as he ran toward the 200-year-old oak. I followed, knowing there was the possibility of an interesting photo.

He ran at the tree twice before I was in range. Running is a strong point for him, but momentum lost to gravity.

101017 Logan tries to run up the oak tree.jpg
Barefoot boy meets mighty oak.

He tried several more times before streaking back to the house and settling down to play before it was time to go home.

A thought: I wonder if Logan has seen the Road Runner in comics by Looney Tunes. Couldn’t Road Runner go up and over any obstacle in his path? Good luck, Logan!

32 thoughts on “Run Up a Tree

  1. Anne
    I thought boys didn’t climb trees any more. This photo and post is reassuring. It is good to know that times haven’t changed so much. The oak tree is beautiful.


    1. The difference in age and height is much too great! When he’s a little older, I’d like to ask his dad to come over and help him climb. I had a strong relationship with a big pecan tree I climbed when I was a teen.


  2. Yay Logan!!! Best place to be is sitting in a tree and if you can perch up there with a good book it is a real win! Unfortunately the trees around here do not lend themselves to tree climbing….no low hanging branches for a woman my age to hoist herself onto! Else I might be sorely tempted to be a Logan and give it a go!
    Love this post Anne…..brings a huge smile to my face.


    1. Logan sheds his shoes whenever he can. To get to the tree, he was running over thousands of small acorns. His feet are tough! As to the action shot, all my best photos are accidental. Your appreciation is not accidental, and I thank you for that.

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