“Where Am I?”

A white van stopped beside us as we walked down the road. The driver asked, “Where am I?”

John replied, “You’re on Qualla Road. Are you lost?”

“Just need to know where I am. Where am I?”

I judged the man to be in his 60s or 70s and hoped he wasn’t suffering from dementia. He pulled up a camera for us to see and mumbled something about back roads. John explained that he was in Jonathan Creek and that I-40 was to the right and Waynesville to the left.

He said, “Now I know where I am. Thank you.”

He drove on down the hill, but instead of going to the highway, he turned into Sorrell’s a few feet earlier. I wondered if he wasn’t satisfied with our directions, needed gas, or really knew where he was and went in for breakfast.

It should be etched on my face. People need to know that when they ask me a question, I want to know their life histories. “Where am I?” and “Back roads” don’t cut it.

23 thoughts on ““Where Am I?”

  1. There was certainly more to the story and I know I would have ha some questions also. I might have even followed him for a bit to see where he ended up..:) Curiosity does that..:)


  2. See there, we are kindred spirits. Ask me a question and I’ll give you every possible answer under the circumstances. I once told Cole very curtly while framing my head and shoulders with a hand gesture, “What exactly about this says I will answer THAT question in ten words or less?” Seriously even questions suggesting a “Yes or No” answer are difficult for me. Great story, Anne.

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  3. I’m finally catching up on my reading! I want to know life histories, too. When we visit people in the places we go, they all talk about what they travel in, what they are towing, how the technical aspects work (especially if it’s men and Mike gets involved in the conversation). I ask totally different questions, “Where are you from?” “How many kids and are they nearby?” “What made you choose to travel?” “Where do you call ‘home’?” Mike thinks I’m a little nosy–but I prefer the deeper conversations. I think it’s the introvert in me–small talk or vague talk makes me impatient. 🙂


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