It was a Setup

The new router came in the mail, and I put it aside until the house was clean! For once, I was rewarded for doing the right thing. I think that’s defined as doing what has to be done without too much complaining. In all fairness, I must say that John offered to help. It’s just that I couldn’t wait for it. Wonderful guests are coming Thursday evening, and my deadline for cleaning was Tuesday. The next two days will be spent in the kitchen so that I’ll be free to visit. John is one who needs adrenaline. If you aren’t one of those, you know a few. Urgency would not arise until the company hit the highway. I could see myself tripping over the vacuum on the way to the front door.

What I did was dangerous. My brain hardly functions after 6 pm, but I put off the router installation until John went to choir rehearsal. The fewer people wanting to be connected, the better. As is the norm now, the instructions were pictures on a card, a small card. I was to plug in the new device for power, hook it up to the modem, and download an app on the phone. Really? Was this written by someone with purple/orange hair? Without WiFi, my phone would not download anything, but it would put its load down. While still connected to the internet, I got the app before beginning to unplug things. Despite my reading everything six times, the process went smoothly.

Connecting one computer to the internet was the tip of the iceberg. Without a trumpet fanfare, I was able to hook up two phones, two tablets, a desktop computer, and a laptop. The only thing left hanging was the printer. It has taken a printer vacation – it’s offline. I quit when John came home. Here’s hoping brilliance will strike when we unplug everything to rearrange the wires behind the desk. Thank heavens this turned out to be a good set-up process and did not set me up for disaster!

Meanwhile, during the day, autumn is progressing nicely.

102417 Autumn from the deck.jpg

42 thoughts on “It was a Setup

  1. Somehow something always goes wrong when there is a new piece of connection. Needs new drivers, or maybe a compatibility issue. You are indeed lucky! Autumn is slow here. We just noticed the first reddening of the maples. Very late. We’ll be raking leaves until Christmas!


  2. Well done! But what did you mean by “Was this written by someone with purple/orange hair? ” As a purple/pink-haired person, I’m curious.


    1. Well….. I’m at a loss for words. There is no way to put it delicately, is there? I didn’t want to cast aspersions on any recognizable group of people. Anyone with purpange hair could not be expected to write complete instructions that I would understand. I see now I should have used “ditz” or “airhead”. Those people wouldn’t recognize themselves in my comment.


      1. Ha! Sorry I made you feel uncomfortable. I was truly curious because I wasn’t sure if you were saying they wrote such detailed instructions with such technical words that you didn’t get what they were saying (which would have surprised me, but you never know), or if you were saying ditz. I guess it comes from working with brilliant people who have all sorts of hair colorings. Love the “purpange” 🙂


    1. Oh, golly! It’s dark already, David. John is going to do the hard part, getting the wires behind the desk. I suspect we will find the printer has a cable that should be plugged into the router.

      xxx Printable Hugs xxx


  3. I think you have an entirely new job calling you Anne! Before you know it you will have purpange hair! (that made me laugh) I also look at those cards at least 6 times. Then I recheck it every step of the way when I have to do something like that. It is always good when it works!


    1. You are a soul-mate, Faye. I dread getting new devices and wait until one dies to force myself to replace it. The last few tines I’ve found it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Still, I’m glad the new router is working well and should keep our devices connected for a while.

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  4. You are one amazing woman! I’ve set up a few things and sometimes it goes smooth…and sometimes…well let’s leave that as an unmentionable. 🙂


    1. I’ve had less than desirable contests with computers. I probably shouldn’t commit this to writing, but I feel that lots of installations are a bit easier than they used to be. Now, if I could just figure out why John’s machine keeps freezing up! It’s newer than mine and is behaving like a teen with raging hormones (hor moans).

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  5. I’m thankful my husband does all of those connections (I could do it, but it would be an out-of-the-box effort for me). You did wonderful–I don’t know why the James Bond theme popped in my head as I was reading it, though. I think it was because you were doing it in secrecy and in the cloak of night! LOL! Well done! Dawn

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