Happy-ending Halloween

We knew neighbor Logan wouldn’t be getting candy for Halloween, so we asked Shawn to send him over for a non-edible treat. We chatted with him as we finished our meal on the porch. To his credit, he didn’t ask what we had for him, just waited patiently. I said I’d get two little things for him. John asked, “What do you think we have?”

In a very small voice, Logan said, “A costume?”

My heart sank, because I didn’t think a helium balloon would measure up to his hopes. As soon as I handed it to him, he pulled the ribbon, and the balloon escaped to the ceiling. As I looked at the photos later, I saw that retrieving it brought him great pleasure. That was the best thing that could have happened, wouldn’t you agree?

103117 Logan on Halloween (4).jpg

I thought Halloween was over when he left our house. An hour or so later, John opened the front door and called to me, “Come see who is here!”

Logan was so excited about his costume that he couldn’t keep his feet still. I begged him to slow down so I could take a picture. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could see him twitching in the still photo.

103117 Masked trick or treater.jpg

A minute later he lifted the mask, and we could see his cute face. His total satisfaction showed as he beamed from ear to ear. This might have been the best Halloween of his whole life!

103117 Logan unmasked.jpg

17 thoughts on “Happy-ending Halloween

  1. Anne
    The joy on Logan’s face is a treat in itself. He didn’t seem to look chocolate or candy deprived.
    I think children love to get attention and that can be a candy substitute.


  2. We’ve been giving out alternatives to candy for years. So many kids are allergic to the nuts and other stuff now, and I’ve always figured any alternative to sugar is a good thing. The kids seem to be okay with little things like “tattoo” stickers, Halloween party favors. Some years I just give out quarters and the kids like getting those too.


  3. You can just tell by his sweet face how proud he is of that costume. And I still think it is wonderful he has adobted you and shares some of that kiddie delight with the people he loves.


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