“On a cold, frosty morning…” are words in a Christmas carol that I like. I’m not rushing the season, but it was cold and frosty the other day. Several times a week we see neighbor Marla while we are walking and she is walking Albert before going to work. Frost decorated the road mirror in a whimsical design. I invited the others to join me in a selfie to record the moment.

103017 John Anne Marla Albert frosted.jpg

The mirror enables the owners of the house behind us to see what is coming on the road. When a few more leaves fall, we’ll be able to spot our house through the woods at that point. The road winds around, hugging the mountain, and our dead-end street slopes toward the valley.

I wanted to see what our garden was like in the cold. Little did I know that we had a private skating rink for the birds under the pergola. Woodstock, the bird in the Peanuts cartoon, is the only one I know who would enjoy it.

103017 Frozen birdbath.jpg

Most of the rose petals had fallen, leaving behind lovely star designs. Some warmer afternoon, I’ll prune that bush and trim other plants for the winter.

103017 Frozen roses.jpg

The oak leaves will have the final word.

18 thoughts on “Frosty!

  1. we went to thirty degress yestraday morning and it was cold and grey all day their wasa little bit of frost on the roof but today it is was warm again 56 69 at noon time

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  2. Love how you noticed so many little details, Anne. The star shape left behind, your neighbors view, and the ice rink for the birds…I can imagine Woodstock there! It’s getting frostier here too…my Sam (10 yo) and I were just talking about Jack Frost on the window…but I think it was just steam, not quite the beautiful, intricate frosty artwork to come. Amy

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  3. We’ve had warmer than usual temperatures here in the Northeast. I’ve had a few days this week when the house has been hot enough to rush around opening windows for a breeze. Our leaves also turned colors later than usual. I wish the darkness had decided to switch up too…but it hasn’t…sigh.

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    1. Won’t the darkness switch up tomorrow? Actually I’m not sure what switch up means! We don’t walk on Sundays. We’ll have company here Monday through Wednesday, so we might not experience the time change in a meaningful way until Thursday.

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      1. I guess I mean switch to something beyond the normal. Weather can…but it is a hopeless wish where the light is concerned. I always comfort myself with the fact that right around Christmas it begins to flip-flop toward more light again. That’s a beautiful gift!


  4. Cold, frosty and beautiful Anne. There is so much beauty in each of the seasons, if only peopl would stop for a moment and see it.
    Your photo’s show it clearly. LOVE the bird skating rink. It’s like looking at a moment in time which Mother Nature wants us to see – so it’s her way of taking a snapshot of that exact moment. Perfection. Beautiful. Incredible.

    Thank you for all the photos that you share with us Anne. But especially so that one. It’s held me spellbound for many minutes here. Bless your heart. ~ Cobs. xx

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