Lise’s Vacation

Our days with daughter Lise have been full. We’ve done a year’s worth of shopping for things she can’t get in Denmark. Constant talking filled the gaps.

112717 Biltmore Lise 1.jpg

We were in Cherokee long enough to get a picture of one of the street signs. The name is written in English and in Cherokee. For those who don’t know, the Eastern Band of Cherokees have a reservation here. You first notice the enormous gambling casino and touristy shops selling trinkets. Search further, and you will find a museum and an outdoor presentation of Indian culture and crafts. We haven’t seen it in years, but the drama Unto These Hills still plays to crowds in the summer.

112617 Street sign with English and Cherokee.jpg

On the way home, we detoured onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed a sunset as we drove.

112617 Sunset on Blue Ridge Parkway.jpg

The light gradually faded, leaving bands of pink and blue on the horizon.

112617 Soft sky colors from Blue Ridge Parkway.jpg

We enjoyed the lavish Christmas decorations at the Biltmore Estate. To the right of the front door was the glass-roofed winter garden, filled with plants and flowers. The main Christmas tree was in its usual place in the dining hall. Every year they have that tree decorated before Thanksgiving and replace it halfway through the season with another one, erected and decorated in one night. According to a guide, there were 53 Christmas trees in the house this year. Reason tells me the Vanderbilts did not have that many trees in the house when they lived there.

112717 Biltmore sinter garden 3.jpg

112717 Biltmore Christmas tree.jpg

We ate lunch at the Moose Cafe and walked through half the farmers’ market where we were tempted by the photo station.

29 thoughts on “Lise’s Vacation

    1. John was with us much of the time — not for the shopping, though. We are still enjoying Lise. Our son John $ was with us today, also. Lise flies back to Denmark on Saturday.

      xxx Shopping Hugs xxx


  1. Great pix, Anne! Looks like you had a ton of fun!! How often do you get to see each other? Have you visited her there? Did she marry a Danish fellow, and is that why she’s there? Curious me! 😀


    1. Lise has been coming once a year at Thanksgiving. She wants us to come to Denmark, but we won’t fly any more. Lise wanted to live abroad, and her mentor for her master’s degree had lived there. With his advice and the help of new friends she made in Denmark, she found a temporary job which led to her permanent job. She was divorced before she moved to Copenhagen.

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            1. Lise was married to an Iranian for 17 years. His parents would come to visit for months at a time, and learning Farsi enabled her to communicate with them. She loved them. They are dead now, but she has lovely memories of them.

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              1. Wowww… what a life-altering experience it must’ve been!I have Iranian neighbours (they like to call themselves “Persian” mind you) who are sooo nice. …My belief is that there’s good and bad in every ethnic group.


  2. We used to visit Cherokee every year when my daughter was small. We’d meet my sister and her family, who drove from Ohio, in the general vicinity to spend the week. The kids still remember the Cherokee museum and seeing them make the beads, the cabins, etc. Your photos show many smiles, so I’m sure you enjoyed and cherished every moment!

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  3. I loved taking a vacation through your words and pictures Anne! I am so glad you had a wonderful visit with your Lise.
    I had to google you to find you back….for some reason you are not showing up on my reader in wordpress! I am going to have to get the figured out cause I miss seeing what you are doing!


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