I know Dolly, the dog in the photo, is not a bulldog, but today she was my pull-dog. There was a death in neighbor Shawn’s family, so we are walking Dolly while our neighbors are gone.

120417 John Dolly at creek.jpg

We were very impressed with the dog’s behavior. I went over as soon as I was dressed and let her outside to pee. She came right back in and went straight to her crate.

“You don’t have to be there,” I said. “Come on, we’ll go for a walk.”

She danced to the front door when she saw the leash and waited for me to hook it to her collar. John joined us, and we set off. We are in the habit of taking a picture of those who walk to the creek with us, so John posed with her. I held the leash going up the steep hill, knowing she would pull forward. John said he’d never seen me go up that hill so fast! I think I need to rent her for the walk EVERY morning. Wouldn’t you agree?

19 thoughts on “Pulldog

  1. My dog doesn’t generally walk that fast. Being small, he’s close to the ground and sniffs far too much. What’s great about him though is, through him, I know my neighbors. They all want to visit or greet him as he goes by, which was great when we moved to California and knew no one. In Alabama, Russ and I agreed that the whole town knew Ferguson’s name but had no clue what ours was. LOL
    As for your guest there, what a neat dog and how kind of you to take him (or him you) for a walk. MY daughter has all her dogs (5 of them) crate trained, which is great when you leave the house. You never have to worry that they will get into things when they get bored. I think it also gives them an added sense of security. And, yes, you ought to take him on loan at least 2-3 X a week. TeeHee

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    1. Dolly could sniff and walk at the same time! I admire that, since I can’t do two things at once. Dogs and children are great connectors of people. We got to know our neighbors in NY when we took the children for walks. Normally Dolly has the run of the house, but she gets anxious when the humans are gone for a long time. I didn’t ask what happened when they left her free.

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  2. Hi
    I am glad you had Dolly for a time and it must have eased the heart strings of Lise’s going a bit.
    I am impressed with how much weight both John and you have lost. This is inspite of good Southern cooking!
    The walks are doing their good as is obvious.
    The creek seems so disciplined- it seems as if human hands have carved it a walk to run through. The rivers in my home country are so wide and so unruly it seems.


    1. John has lost weight — thanks for noticing. I haven’t gained, which I’m thankful for. We love being near small streams and creeks. I grew up about 10 miles from the Mississippi River, which is a big one. The tributaries tended to be muddy and not things you’d walk to see. Here in the mountains, the water is crystal clear, gurgling over smooth stones. We are so blessed to live here!

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