Christmas Decorating the Mountain Way

I observed this metamorphosis with amazement. People who live above our walking road, removed pumpkins from the tan Halloween hay and sprayed the hay red and green. Santa jumped in with bows and a solar light. Will they recycle again? I’ll watch and let you know.

120717 Mountain Christmas decoration.jpg

This was my view while walking Dolly to the stop sign.

120717 Dolly pulls me up the road.jpg

John had an appointment, so I took Dolly out alone. She pulled me for a full half hour without choking herself to death.

I said, “Whoa, Dolly! I’m not used to cruising at 90 miles an hour with my brakes on!”

My knees thanked me for turning around when I did. I wish I’d had more stamina for her sake.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating the Mountain Way

  1. Hi Anne
    Is Dolly still with you all ?
    The Christmas hay looks beautiful. You need to get a dog too – for the quick walks.
    How did you get the photo – with Dolly playing pull dog?


    1. Dolly stays in her own home. I take her for a walk every morning. Correction — she takes me for a walk! I let her outside in the middle of the day, and another neighbor feeds her in the evening. The owners are coming back Friday. The two photos I took this morning were a little blurred because Dolly was tugging at me. John is going to the train club tomorrow, so I’ll have to walk her alone again. We had cats years ago, but we don’t want any animals now. We like the freedom of being able to walk out of the house without having to consider pet care.

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      1. I remember my grandparents keeping cows all their lives and finally they got rid of them. It was for the same reason as yours’. Care of any living thing including plants is a responsibility.

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