Logan’s Awful Santa

I’m a sucker for motion-sensing devices. I couldn’t resist buying a Santa for neighbor Logan that promised Christmas cheer. It stayed in my room for several weeks before I tested it. I turned it on to hear a raucous “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” that repeated a couple of times.

I said to myself, “Shawn and Bob are going to kill me if I give this to Logan.”

A self-threat of death didn’t stop me. I went ahead and told Shawn I was going to give it to him, with the advice that they could turn it off. A good neighbor would have had more sense than to follow through. Evidently, I’m not in that category. Logan came over to visit for a little while as we were finishing dinner. With camera rolling, I gave it to him. You can hear it by clicking here.

At the very end, Logan turned to John and said, “I have a straw.”  Later neighbor Marla mentioned that she had given Logan a straw that sings when used. I hope all our neighborhood friendships survive the Christmas season.

Meanwhile, Logan’s brain was whirling as he thought of various ways to use the toy. His final plan was to set it near the fireplace on Christmas Eve, so he will know when Santa reaches for his cookies and milk.

Watch out, Santa!


20 thoughts on “Logan’s Awful Santa

  1. Ha, ha, ha. You do have marvelous ideas, Anne. I am glad your entire lane thinks of innovative ways to keep Logan happy.
    Where did you buy this toy from ?
    Wish I could have seen a picture.


  2. Dear Anne, the snow and ice arrived here finally this week and took my internet down to a new low. I thank God for the old cell device so I can use the WordPress app to check in with everybody and enjoy your stories (my, how Logan warns my heart) but I can’t always comment or”like”. Your images of the first snow are lovely. Merry Christmas to all y’alls. 🎄💚⛄❄


    1. That’s too bad you’re having computer problems. Hope things improve soon. Today is my birthday, and we’ve had a marvelous day. Husband, son, and one grandson were here. Second grandson arrives tomorrow.


  3. Anne I love simple Christmas motion and sound toys. My kitchen sounds like a clock shop right now. I have over a dozen solar dollar store Christmas figurines that tock back and forth when the sun comes up. I LOVE them…can’t tell you now many times in a day I stand in front of them and smile. I guess I’m a cheap date and easy to please. Once again…I wish you were my neighbor. 🙂


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