Funny Funnel Cake

Grandson Nathaniel baked us a Twelfth Night cake. He saw a recipe for it at home, asked John if we wanted it, and sent him the list of ingredients. The first I heard of it was while we were shopping for last-minute Christmas things at Walmart. John was looking for candied lemon, orange, and citron. He phoned Nathaniel in NY to see if a general fruitcake mix would do. Now here for the Christmas break, he picked out the bits he wanted and baked the cake. We found out the tradition of making a special cake for the 12th day of Christmas goes back to medieval times, though the oldest written recipe was printed in the early 1800s. We tasted it while it was still warm. Yummy!

122717 N with 12th night cake.JPG

Our chef always cleans up after himself in the kitchen!!! The next morning I saw the inside-out silicone bundt pan he had left out to dry. A giggle escaped me. Picking it up, I said to him and John, “I’ve never eaten a funnel cake. This looks like the funnel you’d need to make one.”

122817 Funnel cake.JPG

David was up when we came back from our walk, because he accidentally went to bed much earlier than he intended. The temperature outside was 17F. To us the house wasn’t cold, but his toes told him otherwise. As he waited for me to cook bacon, livermush, and scrambled eggs, he said how grateful he was for an instant fire.

122817 David warms his toes.jpg

19 thoughts on “Funny Funnel Cake

    1. Livermush is served in Western NC. It’s somewhat like scrapple, brought down here from PA settlers. Chilblains are in the UK — broken and infected skin caused by extremely cold weather. Hope that’s right. I didn’t stop to look it up.

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      1. Thanks for the explanation, liver is something I can’t stand, so liver mush sounds even worse to me, lol! Chillblains sounds awful-I don’t have to worry because I would never be in the cold that long, lol. I’m a huge baby and that is one reason we stay in Texas. It still gets to freezing, and maybe the teens on occasion, but I won’t leave the house if I can help it! 🙂


    1. I should read the label, but it’s late. I think livermush has liver and a filler like bread. It comes in a small square loaf. I slice it and heat it in a skillet until it is crusty on both sides. I buy the hot version, so there is red pepper in it, too. My son and I are the one who like it.


  1. You are lucky to have Nathaniel and David. Nathaniel’s cooking and the inside out bundt cake mould were fun to watch. Recently ate a slice of a chocolate turtle bundt cake at a Costa outlet. But Nathaniel’s cake looked much better than the one I ate.Is a bundt cake supposed to be dense ?


  2. Happy New Year to you Anne and all your family. I love reading about your grandsons. You are blessed! They are blessed to have you. God is good! And to that I add my own AMEN.
    PS Enjoy the cake. 😀


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