Last Christmas Party of 2017

Relatively speaking, this was a most marvelous party. We were with my brother and Beth, all their children, in-laws, and grandchildren. The gifts were lovely and the food as tasty as could be. The best part was being there, chatting with everyone. We had seen the group for Thanksgiving, so the reconnect was instant. We didn’t pose for a group photo, but I had one that included many of the people, including a levitating teen on the sofa.

122817 John Max Bill Susan  Beth Kate Sam.JPG

The younger set played Clue before we ate.

122817 Clue game N Max Kate Sam.JPG

A few didn’t show up anywhere else.

There are pictures of our greats – niece and nephews.  One learned to tie his new bow tie, one modeled an Elf onesie, and the oldest was going to work.

And then, there was Nathaniel.

122817 N with wrapping.JPG

122817 N with bows.JPG

Happy New Year, everyone!

Grandson David was working and couldn’t go to the party, but here is a photo of the ice cream cone he loaded at Dickie’s.  Working at Burger King gives him more practice than most people have.

122717 David Dickie's ice crean.JPG

20 thoughts on “Last Christmas Party of 2017

  1. Great times to make the last days of 2017 truly memorable. Love to read your adventures and meet your family through your pictures. Tell them they are all famous, through you.
    Happy New Year to the whole family, great nieces and nephews included.


  2. Love all those photos Anne! I really laughed at the one of David and the ice cream cone. I have a friend who worked in a place that served soft serve cones and she can make them just like the one David did. I think it might be a skill that you never lose.


  3. Great pictures, looks like a good time. What a sport Nathaniel is.. 🙂 and that last picture is a riot. Looks like John is thinking “why isn’t my cone big and fancy like David’s?” Even though I realize from your comment that his was once big, too. Happy New Year, Anne!

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  4. Anne, I’ve written two comments in this box, and both times somehow erased it…so I’m writing Happy New Year really fast and hitting post before I can erase it again. All the best to you and your lovely family.


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