As the Snowman Crumbles

In a matter of days after Epiphany, John stripped the house of Christmas decorations. To keep a slightly festive air, he left all the items having to do with snow, as long as they weren’t Christmasy. That’s how we came to be sharing the breakfast table with one of our prized Pollock originals, the snowman. Mr. Snowman was probably on the mantel in previous years. I discovered this year that he is quite lively up close. When anyone touches the table or cuts meat, he gives a shivery response in the most genial manner. As we cleared the dishes, I was very disappointed to see that he was crumbling.

011418 Pollock Snowman breaking up.JPG

On closer inspection, I saw the snow figure had not been damaged at all. He was as good as when we got him. He wasn’t crumbling, but he had a bunch of crumbs that somehow gathered to gaze at him. A taste test would be conclusive about the origins. I’m not that brave. John used a knife to scrape melted wax from candle holders, so there is a good chance some of the crumbs are inedible. Mr. Snow might like to keep his adoring public at his feet, but the dust-buster will remove that cluster shortly.

Over the years, we collected quite a number of mobiles by Chris Pollock. They are whimsical and tickle my fancy. When you walk through a room, they are more responsive than a real person staring at a cell phone. I’m not hitting at any particular person, just noting what I have seen in restaurants lately. Chris’ stick people have lots of personality, and his wood art is impressive. It’s my dream to commission him to design and build a sturdy mobile for our windy garden.

If you’d like to see some of Chris’ work, check out this blog post:

31 thoughts on “As the Snowman Crumbles

  1. Your title made me panic, and I was just about to contact the artist to see if we could get you a replacement. So glad all is good. And that you love the art as much as I do. I’m always amazed by what he comes up with. 🙂


  2. I visited the website and was intrigued by his designs. Does he use recycled material and does he only do work by order ?
    I was sad when I saw the crumbs at the feet of the snowman but happier when you mentioned they might be wax crumbs.
    Glad you are writing more, Anne.


  3. Hi Anne, I leave my paper snowflakes up for quite awhile so I agree with keeping up the snowman. Anything that has a happy look lifts me up. Heading back to your post to click on the website link and see some more examples. Have a happy day.


            1. Do-gooding on a surprise day off!! What could be more noble? Could I ask what you shared? I thought about asking the neighbors if they wanted to huddle together for a little while, but I went back to a financial task that has turned into a nightmare. It’s just paperwork, and I hope to get it straightened out today.

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