We hit it right and walked at rush hour in the ‘hood today. About six people were heading for work, and then there was the school run – Bob driving Logan (7) to the stop sign where he catches the school bus. Logan waited until we were almost to the car and seemed to be running before the door was fully open. How can one small body hold such extreme energy? As John chatted with Bob, I watched the boy run for the sheer joy of it. He jumped the ditch over and over, finally landing in the middle of it.

“Your shoes would be wet if water had been there,” I said.

Logan replied with a grin, “Nope! I waterproofed my shoes.”

As usual, I understood about 30% of what he said. Unbeknownst to me, the subject changed when he spoke of “lava shoes” three jumps later. “Firemen have clothes and shoes that won’t catch fire.”

“Do you want to be a fireman?” I asked.

Logan replied firmly, “No. I want to work at McDonald’s.”

I was sorry to see the bus chugging up the hill, because I was dying to ask WHAT he wanted to do there. Can you imagine him about twelve years from now? He’s the assistant manager, in three places at once, and putting out figurative fires at 70 miles per hour. McDonald’s will never be the same again.

42 thoughts on “Exuberance!

    1. I’m with you on envying the energy of youth. I just thought how dangerous it could be. What if Logan’s electrical force entered my ancient body? Everything would short out at once, and I’d go up in flames. Poof!!

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  1. I love people that are this age…Logan just sitting out to conquer the world. Actually McDonald’s isn’t a bad goal…one of my granddaughters worked their for years, through high school and college, and the company paid for most of her degree.

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          1. I don’t think its MY blog, I have gotten comments from you and others, but one person with whom I converse every day has been missing. I haven’t posted in awhile, either, so that may be why I haven’t gotten much feedback.

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          2. I had some major dental work done…two implants…absolutely painless dentist! My fear was that all my teeth had to come out and my jaw would fall apart. (drama queen) but he said my bones are great, and teeth not that bad.


  2. You asked “How can one small body hold such extreme energy?” Easy! he’s a boy!” 😀
    I find it amusing how he goes from firemen to McDonald’s worker within 30 seconds! Lol.


  3. Such energy! And such dreams. I adore hearing what kids that age have to say. They lack filters, and are so random that all conversations take a turn for the absurd. Which is fun.


  4. Logan jumps were so precise. If this is what he does for exercise, he can keep himself trim all his life even if he works at McDonalids’ later on in life. Maybe he wants to be a delivery boy with his speed.

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  5. You are so lucky to have Logan around you.. reminds me of a character called Raka, a lively kid, from one of Anita Desai’s novels “Fire On The Mountain.. “


  6. I wish I had his energy, and I LOVE his imagination. It reminded me of when my daughter was little she wanted to be a dentist on Mondays and Wednesdays (why those days, I don’t know), a waitress on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Michael Jordan (the basketball player) on Fridays and Saturdays. Her imagination always cracked me up–and I had to play along with several imaginary characters. I miss those days…


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