“…and the Creek don’t Rise”

Most Americans know the caveat about promising to do something “good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise”. Well, the creek did rise here! In fact, it’s the highest we’ve ever seen it. We’ve had rain off and on for days and happened to be at the creek shortly after a pause.

021118 Jonathan Creek after rain.jpg

I can assure you, we would not be standing beside the creek if it flooded. Theoretically, that is the lowest part of the valley. If the water flowed over the banks, much of the land would be covered. The creek was quite muddy, but the roar was muted. It makes more sound if rocks are protruding above the water. The two tiny streams near our house made an inordinate amount of noise due to the increased volume of water. That’s when I wish we lived beside them. If I get desperate enough, I’ll play a CD of a mountain stream.

25 thoughts on ““…and the Creek don’t Rise”

  1. Haven’t heard this expression for a bit – until tis winter and now we seem to be saying it all the time.
    A babbling creek is lovely, but geesch…a visit to a mountain stream preferred to unusual/unexpected rivers in the streets!
    Nice picture!


  2. Hi Anne,
    The first expression I have heard but not the second. Is it the melting snows or the rains that cause the flooding ? Do children splash in the creek waters ?
    You are lucky to live near two mountain streams. Their constant gurgling must be like background music.


    1. It was rain that caused the creek to rise. I’m sure children do splash in this creek, but not where we go. The banks are too high or impossible to get to. The two little streams are behind the house across the street, and we can’t hear them from our house. We walk across them on the road a bit further up, and that’s where we heard them singing this morning.

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  3. Last summer, we had wide spread flooding near our area. It was terrifyingly amazing, for the lack of a better way of describing it. The power of water. I love the sound and the beauty of it, but it is so altering to life when it spills out of it’s borders. Thankfully, we live HIGH on a hill so we don’t have flooding at our home.


  4. We were at a restaurant with a fountain the other day, and I was telling Mom and Chris how it reminded me of you and your fountains. The sound puts me to sleep! I think I took two naps that first day I visited you. Will have to bring lots of caffeine next time. Too relaxing, and I want to stay up and yak!


  5. We have a creek back behind our house and if I ever saw the water as high as the water in your photo, I’d freak. I don’t care how soothing the sound of water can be, when it’s too nearby it’s frightening.


  6. Water is always so fascinating. It seems to look different in every season. Our river can be so small we can step over it and sometimes with spring rains it turns our fields into lakes. It does keep it interesting.
    Love the picture Anne.


    1. We really enjoy the two porches and a deck on our house. I often sit on a porch during a thunder storm. In NY we had no good spot for listening to rain until we converted an attic to an alcove.


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