Action Monday

Grandson Nathaniel is normally on an early schedule for school, so he was dressed and ready to go walking with us. I was glad the little cat came running out to greet us, because Nathaniel likes cats. She stayed with us half way to the stop sign, frequently stopping us to rub against our legs. When neighbor Bob stopped his car to speak to us, young Logan hopped out. He wanted to be with Nathaniel.

Father to son, “Are you going to run all the way to the bus?”

Logan was already dancing around Nathaniel, and the two of them began to walk.

Logan challenged our tall grandson, saying, “I can beat you!”

Nathaniel replied, “I’m not going to run, but I’ll walk.”

I fumbled getting the camera out and took a video as quickly as I could. Nathaniel had a fast pace, with Logan flapping along beside him. It wasn’t until I looked at the clip that I saw Marla in a green jacket standing with Albert. All the commotion on the road made Albert walk toward them. At the same time, Bob turned his gray car around and started back home.

All the walkers reached the bus stop. One of us wondered if there were school, because we never had President’s Day off. I missed the photo of the week – Logan’s face when he thought for a split second there might not be school for him. The bus came chugging up the hill, and Logan waited for the driver’s signal to cross the road. Albert pulled Marla away as we continued to the creek.

Quick-thinking John had his hand out for the camera when I mentioned posing with the rushing water. That’s the first time he has pulled that on me.

021918 Anne N at creek.JPG

Nathaniel is more resigned to being in front of my camera, so I got two shots of him. In one he had just dipped his hand in the water to see how cold it was, and then he turned to climb back up the rocks.

021918 N at Jonathan Creek.JPG

021918 N at creek.JPG

After walking, we had practice biscuits for breakfast. Our biscuit-loving friends are coming next week, and I want to be ready. Recently I read again that soft flour is best for Southern biscuits, White Lily being the preferred brand. John is enthusiastic about this, because he prefers that I not use whole wheat flour. It’s only fair he should win once in a while, don’t you think?

30 thoughts on “Action Monday

  1. Look at that water rushing and how tall Nathaniel is next to you. Anne – is this road in the video the one you mentioned that is a one-mile hike each way? P.S. … If you’re having Southern gravy with those biscuits, I’ll be over – better send me your address. 🙂


    1. We walk on the other part of the road in the video — we don’t cross this bridge.

      I tasted Southern gravy only a few months ago for the first time. It was to die for!!!! How had I missed that all my life? We NEVER had it in my home, and we never ate breakfast in a restaurant. Let me know when you are coming, and I’ll make biscuits and gravy for you every morning, if that’s what you want. Now I’m wondering how you know about Southern gravy and biscuits. I remember you worked in a diner, but I can’t remember where. My bad!

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      1. I see – I couldn’t tell but it looked very pretty there. I long for the nicer weather.

        We never ate much in restaurants when I was growing up either Anne, and, even though Carter’s Hamburgers was a diner with all Southerners working there, we did not have biscuits and gravy on the menu.

        Everyone who lives in my neck of the woods will drive about 20 miles to a restaurant called “Kate’s Kitchen”. It is hardly bigger than a house where the living room and a few other rooms have been converted into the dining room of the restaurant. They only serve breakfast up until noon and after that it is pie and coffee, then they close around 2:00 p.m. daily. I’ve not been there in about 10 years now, at least not since 2010 when my mom passed away. On weekends, they line up around the restaurant and don’t mind waiting in line as she serves a very tasty and large breakfast. My mom and I would go when I had a day off and that Southern gravy and biscuits they serve with your breakfast was to die for. I found a pretty good Southern gravy in the grocery store, in a boil-in bag, so my mom would make it for me every time I did the outside windows. She liked clean windows; I hated to climb on the ladder, so I would try to use a long pole to clean the windows. Not my favorite job, so that was my reward: fresh hot biscuits and Southern gravy. Yummy. I would get the windows done in record time. Kate’s Kitchen used to make huge platters of pancakes and French Toast as well as her country-style breakfasts. There was a nearby fishing hole where the anglers would go. They would be her first customers of the day, fueling up for a long day of fishing.


              1. You’re welcome and that looks like a fun site to visit … I’m going to go back there and check it out again (even though I’m no great shakes as a cook). Good luck with that gravy – your kitchen will smell heavenly while you are cooking up a batch (or two or three). I think you could freeze it as we used to buy that boil-in-water bag frozen. I don’t remember who made it though.


                1. I cook all the time, so I doubt I’d freeze gravy. I wish John liked sausage. He won’t touch anything that has sausage in the name, although he is generally game for anything else, as long as it isn’t hot with pepper. I always cook bacon for him when I have sausage.

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  2. That creek looks dangerous and angry, roiling up like that. Is the water always so rough? (You may sense I’m a non-swimmer!) I hope Nathaniel was wearing rubber-soled shoes, so as not to slip on the rocks! BTW standing beside you like that, he makes you look about four feet tall! Lol.
    Re the flour for the biscuits, my boyfriend – also John – would concur with your John. He’s not crazy about whole-wheat anything!


    1. The creek is very high right now because of recent rain. If Nathaniel had fallen in, he could have stood up. He’s also a good swimmer. He did make me look very short, didn’t he? He may have quit growing, but I’m still shrinking.

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