Logan’s Stunt

Neighbor Logan wanted to show us how he could pop up off the floor from a kneeling position without using his hands. I had seen grandson David rise up from a sitting position hands-free, but Logan’s stunt was entirely different. He seemed to concentrate all his strength, put his hands back, and leap up using the momentum from his arms.

He readily agreed to demonstrate this in front of the camera, not once, but twice! Surely this cannot be construed as being stalked with a camera.

35 thoughts on “Logan’s Stunt

      1. I need a Logan or a grandson … that’s why I started walking in the beginning in 2011 … it seemed like it was getting more difficult to get down on my knees in the garden or to reach something in the cupboard … had to have a chair to get up and down. Though I do all the walking – still does not help. But I am sedentary – today I parked myself here and did not move for hours as was busy today – and now here to catch up on Facebook, e-mails, and Reader. That is really too much sitting to be honest.


              1. We had a horribly rainy day – it has been a long week of rain. I ran errands yesterday morning as I know rain was coming yesterday afternoon, turning into freezing rain (but it didn’t arrive, but lots of rain arrived). I’m happy it will be dry portions of the weekend, because between the rain and a busy week at work, I am ready to go clear my head at the Park. Your weather sounds wonderful – we are supposed to have weather in the high 50s Sunday through Tuesday.


                  1. I hope so too Anne – it has been a long week at work, especially today – thought I’d lose my mind doing revisions. And this rain finally stopped. I think the rain resumes on Saturday afternoon, through Sunday late morning. I like to walk in morning as I mentioned to you, but since it won’t be hot, I will go out mid-day … walking clears my mind. We had a strange week “news wise” … every time I turned the news on, something was going on – we had a barricaded gunman a mile from my house yesterday and my high school, some student threatened to bring a gun to school. Many of the nearby cities were on lockdown this week due to threats by students, or bullets found in the school. I don’t like what this world is coming to … not one bit.


                    1. Too much so Anne. I just finished my long post and lots of pictures for today’s walk. It was a rather dismal-looking day, but no rain. I know we are having strong winds overnight and early morning – up to 40 mph winds – too windy to walk, because 25 mph winds at the Park are hard to walk along and I am tall (5′ 9″) and it pushes me around. 🙂 Will stay put until the afternoon and venture out then. Hope you got a walk in today as well.


                    2. I had a neighbor that I thought the world of – her name was Marge Aubin. She/husband moved in next door in 1992. Her husband died in 1997 … he had a liver transplant and had a heart attack while still in the hospital. She was close to my mom and me as well. I wrote this blog post about her and you’ll see what a nice relationship we had. Her son lives in the house now – he was living with her for about five years after going through a divorce. On the other side, she is nice, but put up a tall privacy fence all around her yard, so only see her in the front yard. Both sides, as I mentioned, have little dogs. Woody was Marge’s dog – I visited with him when I visited with her. She had advanced COPD the last few years, so was not as active as she used to be – Woody was her constant companion, just like my canary was to me (Buddy was my canary, and before him, Sugar – both passed away and no more pets for me – too heart-wrenching to lose them). Because I have no relatives, Marge treated me like a member of he family, she did that when my mom was still alive as well so we did feel like we had some type of family besides just the two of us.



                    3. She was very special Anne, to both my mom and me. She had been admitted to the same hospital where she went about 6-8 times per year, depending on how many COPD flare-ups she had during a year. She went to the doctor to get her meds refilled on Monday, August 7th. He said her breathing was bad and admitted her to the hospital. She was supposed to come home on the Friday, but was having some heart palpitations so he kept her until Saturday so when she went home, her son would be there since it was the weekend. Saturday, the heart palpitations continued and Sunday she was to be allowed home after doctor came to see her. I kept waiting for her to come home, and sent her Facebook messages – are you home yet? She was anxious to go home and to see Woody, her little dog. No answer. Sent her my blog post that day … she asked me to send them to Facebook as easier to access on her phone or tablet and not have to get on the computer. No response. She passed away early on Monday, August 14th. I was in touch with her throughout the day … so I felt very lost afterward. Still do sometimes.


                    4. Yes, she was very special. She made me feel like part of her family. I was writing out a get well card this morning. I went into my cards I have on hand and saw a St. Patrick’s Day card … I had a little pang of sadness. Marge’s maiden name was Flanigan. She was as Irish as they come and decorated her house, a big wreath on the door – always festive for St. Patrick’s Day. A few years ago she was going to be in the hospital for her COPD and supposed to go home on the 16th, but doctor wanted to keep her over few more days. I felt badly and sent her some flowers … not an elaborate arrangement, but knew she was feeling bad about not being home. I thought about getting some cupcakes decorated for the holiday, and she could share with the nurses, as she was always staying in the same wing of the hospital and often the same room, and there so many weeks out of the year. Anyway, I decided on the flowers. Because I don’t drive too much in Winter, unless it is good and clear weather, I always had an extra St. Pat’s card on hand for her. I saw it this morning. On a whim, I addressed it to her son and his son lives there with him as well. I said “I always had a card in reserve for your mom – hope she is up there celebrating St. Pat’s with her family” …


                    5. I think so too – Jeff knows she was important to me. I think maybe it will give them a smile as they (especially Jeff) will be remembering her as she was “so Irish” … they don’t put up any front door wreaths up anymore. I may butt in if I don’t see her big St. Pat’s Day wreath on the door and tell him to put it up in her memory. I have a good relationship with Jeff, so I think he will not think I am being forward or pushy or anything.


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