A Status Symbol

Neighbor cat Jasmine wandered into our yard while we were sitting on the front porch. We had walked her dog sisters (a description not approved by the cat) and sat down to enjoy the last bit of sunlight. Grandson Nathaniel is good with dogs, but he simply can’t resist a pretty cat. He went out to talk to her, sitting beside the tree to keep her company. I might have found it poignant, but he will be with his own cat in a matter of hours. His winter break lasted nine days, which felt more like 48 hours to me.

022418 Nathaniel with Jasmine.jpg

Sunday was different. We went to the early service so that John and Nathaniel could get an early start on the trip to Long Island. There was no Sunday School, so we went to the Buttered Biscuit for brunch. I’m not sure how the photo will look to you, but on my screen the table appears to be bent in the middle. Nathaniel is holding his plate, and maybe John is, too. If it had really been tilted, there would be no photographic evidence. I would have held onto my meal with one hand and wielded a fork with the other.

022518 N JC at Buttered Biscuit.JPG

Nathaniel performed the ritual of the mirror just before he left. A flag flies over the palace when the Queen is in residence, and Nathaniel has a mirror on his level while he is here. I don’t have a status symbol like that. Do you? If you do, please send it ahead (with instructions) before you visit.

36 thoughts on “A Status Symbol

  1. Safe journey Nathaniel and John. After a national day celebration, there is a ceremony called ” Beating the retreat”, where all equipment, tanks and other things used for war are taken back and put wherever they came from. Nathaniel’s mirror ceremony is similar. Loved the pictures- biscuits and waffles ?


  2. Awww I’m sorry his visit has come to an end. I still think it’s amazing he has the opportunity to spend his breaks with you, what awesome memories he will have! And yes I know I say that every time, probably because your stories remind me of my time with my grandparents!
    Yes the table does look bent in the middle, weird!


    1. I saw my grandparents at least once a week, but I don’t think we connected all that well. There was a big gap between generations back then, at least for me. I’d love to read about your relationship with your grandparents.

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      1. Hmm it’s funny you say that as so much of what I write is influenced by them. I do a lot of things in my classroom because of them! I’ll think of including bits about them


      1. That’s what keeps you both young … in the meantime, I am swamped at work, but took a minute to watch the procession of people filing past Reverend Billy Graham’s casket … it was a live video and at 1:52 and a gentleman who looked very much like John went past and shook hands – if it is not your husband, it is his doppelganger!


          1. OK, it sure looked like him … I know you said he was driving Nathaniel back home today. I am still working with seemingly no end in sight to this document. I do want to do a short post about the walk and the rat. I saw a police officer sitting in a car at the parking lot and told him about the rat and said I didn’t know if I should call the Department of Public Services, because another walker and I believed it was dead, and was thinking about germs, etc. I said I wondered if it was some kind of gang initiation that someone would kill it and hang it up there – he was very nice, looked about Nathaniel’s age – I don’t think he shaved. He said he doubted it was that and not to worry. I prefaced it by saying “don’t think I am strange or crazy, but …” I was holding onto a bag of peanuts at the time – I said “I am more into peanuts” … anyway, I went on my walk, saw a man, pointed it out – he thinks it is not real, but it was still there. He agreed with me that a hawk or falcon would have taken it by now.


              1. I don’t know as it was quite high up – they could not have climbed up the tree as it was tall and it was way out on a branch, and to grab that twig-like branch would have broken it off. Policeman said “maybe it got caught up there” … but I am inclined to think it might not be real as predator birds would have seen it through the bare trees and gone after it. I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it – you know it might have been there for awhile and if that woman walker had not pointed it out to me I’d have never seen it and I’m always looking up into the trees to look at the birds or squirrels.


                  1. I’m thinking not as they are bigger and have a thicker tail. I’ve heard rats in the City of Detroit can get to be the size of a cat. If that was hanging in the tree or anywhere I saw it, I’d probably have a heart attack. Unless it was a baby possum? They are clumsier that rats who I’ve read can squeeze their bodies into a very tiny opening – mice do the same thing as they have no bones in their bodies. Ugh.


  3. Another break at Easter perhaps? Then the mirror can be on high again while he’s in residence. I note he’s so slim he looks well over 6 feet, just how tall have you stretched him Anne?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    1. We hope to see Nathaniel again this summer. He doesn’t have much time off for Easter. He is 6’5″. His 18th birthday was on the 8th, so he may be through growing.

      xxx Stretching Hugs xxx


      1. My daughter in law’s friend had a cat that someone had abandoned by their place. It did not get along with her two dogs so now Lemy lives with my kids. Only issue….my 4 year old granddaughter has started questioning why she has to brush her teeth when Lemy doesn’t!


  4. Being a food lover (especially SWEETS), I am absolutely mesmerized by that waffle and – is that whipped cream on top? With maybe strawberry puree? Ohhhhhh I’m in love!! OH and look at John’s biscuit! Do they even make them any bigger?! Yummy!


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