Thank You, Daylight Savings Time

For the first time in my life, there was a plus to moving the clocks ahead. We began the adjustment around 9 pm, when I changed all the clocks I could remember. I needed a running start so that I’d go to bed earlier. Despite that, grandson David and I were nodding during Sunday School. The advantage came at 3:30 pm when John and David left on the long drive to New York. I walked back in the house and went straight to bed for a nap. It was not unusual for me to wake to an empty house, so that cushion of time eased the ache of waving goodbye.

Last week, when neighbor Bob said he should begin walking again, John told him I’d be leaving the house around 7:30 on Monday. If he and Logan walked with me, that would put them at the bus stop at the right time. I was not sure it would be light by then because of the clock change. Regardless, John texted me from Pennsylvania as my alarm went off, asking if I were going to walk. Instead of going back to sleep, I looked at the weather forecast. The map showed the clouds clearing the area, while the chart forecast 10% chance of rain. Despite the darkness outside, I walked out of the door at 7:35.

Note the prediction was for 10% CHANCE of rain. Reality was 10% rain. Water fell from the sky at 10% of the rate it COULD HAVE fallen if it had set its mind to it. I put my hood up for a short while. That limits vision, so I let the drizzle fall on my head for the most part.

Note to self: You’d need to be striding out at the appointed time. You saw the bus chug up the hill and pause for Logan, who would not have made it walking with you.

25 thoughts on “Thank You, Daylight Savings Time

    1. Thanks for the hugs, David. I need them while John is driving. He is in the long state of Pennsylvania right now. Virginia, driven on the bias, is even longer.

      xxx Homing Hugs xxx

      Our David should be back in two months for the summer.

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  1. Kudos to John for undertaking the adventure again ! Yes, David will be back for the summer. Every one is already thinking of summer vacations when we have just finished winter.
    Daylight saving time advantage for me: we can expect folks back at the main campus to be in to work early so if we need to talk to them, we don’t need to wait for 1 more hour so they can get into work. We go out of work, just as they get in.
    I like your system of naps and then walks- great schedule.
    Do you and David go to Sunday School too ?
    I did about 10 rounds around university today and I could have a good afternoon nap, which I so needed. Walking makes me sleepy too and sleep often is elusive.


    1. John and I go to Sunday School regularly, so David went with us. Various parishioners lead different studies, and often there are two adult classes going on at the same time. We chose a study by Max Lucado about the last week of Christ’s life on earth.

      That’s great that you were able to walk today.

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  2. I always find the switch to DST a difficult one. But this year wasn’t too bad, as I went to be early both on Saturday *and* Sunday nights. Helped a lot! Re rain, I just bought a new umbrella to replace the two old dead/discarded ones – at the dollar store!! Cost me $3 and I love it!


    1. We have lots of umbrellas in the stand, all in various states of disrepair. I usually have a water-repellent windbreaker with me on cloudy days. I’m glad you are pleased with your new umbrella. Carry it in good health in bad weather!

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  3. I loathe the time change and pray silly people end it. “Only man would think cutting a length from the end of a blanket and putting it on the other end will make the thing longer” paraphrase mine, but I heartily agree). Even so, your stories reflect my idea of a charmed life, Anne.


  4. I wish it could stay the same as well. As an early-morning walker like you, it was just getting to a point where the sun was up earlier and on sunshiny days I could leave earlier and get home and not have to scramble around to get to work. (Even though I only walk to the kitchen table, I like to have a snack and get cleaned up and not have to do so at breakneck speed.) Today it was not light until 8:15 or so.

    I often wonder how I got up so early in the morning and would shovel in Winter and in Summer hand water and weed, come in and get ready for work and still be on the early bus. That is something for younger legs than mine. Now, I seem to be scrambling all the time. I am ashamed to say that I spent so much time enjoying myself on my walk yesterday, then writing the blog and matching up the pictures, that I didn’t even adjust the clocks. I turned the alarm clock back an hour; the computer and landline phones are adjusted themselves (great – could they all do this please?) and the car, my digital watch and the pedometer get left “as is” as I use them more in Summer than Winter. I am going to finish reading Reader and head to bed, now thanks to DST likely before the sun goes down.

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  5. Unlike the rest of my family who don’t like getting up in the dark, I love daylight savings time. It does take some adjustment though, yawn, and I really wish it would just run year round. I like when it’s still light long past six, or even better past 7.


    1. Good for you! I don’t mind getting up in the dark, since I did it for years. It’s the change from one to the other that gets me. Who would think that a mere hour could throw us into such a tizzy?


  6. I have always, all of my life, loved the summer time time and have always hated to fall backwards, even at 62 I still feel this way. I am going to reblog your article for you ma’am. I hope that you have a great summer, God’s blessings to you and to your loved ones.

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    1. Thank you for reblogging my post. This is a first for me, and I am honored. I laughed that we share a dislike of changing clocks twice a year. Everyone who spoke or wrote about the subject to me was in favor of abolishing the practice. It must generate money, since it keeps on happening!


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