Sponge Coffee

I made a bizarre pot of coffee while John was taking grandson David back to college. Normally John makes a pot of coffee every morning, and we both drink it. His is dependable coffee, always the same. On the recommendation of his cardiologist, he uses three parts decaf to one part regular. I have no restrictions, so I’m glad to drink whatever he prepares.

When John goes away, though, I like to brew something different. I had a bag of mocha coffee, Walmart brand. Several times I used it in the single-serving machine, and it was fine. This time I poured water to the 10-cup level in the regular pot and estimated how much coffee to put in the basket. I pushed the β€œon” button and went back to reading blog posts. When the lovely aroma reached the other room, I went for a cup. Oddly, the machine was still sputtering. After all that time, only four cups had dripped into the pot! I cut it off, drank one cup that was a bit strong, and left the machine to cool off.

Had I broken the machine? Where was the missing water? It had not leaked on the counter. I picked up the machine and tilted it, thinking I’d hear water if it had escaped into the bottom somewhere. I turned it upside down. No water came out. It remains a mystery to me. Coffee powerful enough to make six cups of water disappear has got to be Sponge Coffee.

31 thoughts on “Sponge Coffee

  1. I laughed so hard! Now, had it been my mother-in-law, I would have known where it went. She uses so much coffee, that all the water can’t get through, and sometimes over flows out the back of the pot. Her cup in the bottom, looks like someone just drank hot chocolate, and didn’t stir it well.
    You’ll have to let us know, if you find out where the other water went.

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  2. A watched coffee pot never boils … BUT, I bet tomorrow you will be standing next to that coffee pot when you make coffee, just in case something goes awry. That’s another of life’s great mysteries. (I’m so boring with my instant decaf, there is no element of surprise – ever.)


    1. I forgot to tell John what happened to my coffee, and he made our coffee as usual the following day. Nothing peculiar happened with his!!! If you are happy with your decaf, you’ve missed a chance to complain. Good for you!

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      1. This time the “like” button worked (sigh) … yesterday when I read your post, I recalled something I did similar to you when I was alone in the office. Robb used to buy Caribou or Starbucks coffee beans, and we had a grinder at the office, and the aroma of the ground-up coffee beans and then the coffee brewing was just heavenly. My mom used to make a pot of coffee, just the Corning Ware coffee pot on Sunday mornings when my father was still here. But after he was gone, we never had a whole pot anymore as my mom had terrible heartburn and switched to tea. But at work, when Robb was out of the office for the day, I used to buy those mini bags of specialty roast coffee, like the raspberry or irish coffee, caramel etc. and brew the whole pot for myself. By the end of the day, I’d be bouncing off the walls from drinking all that coffee myself. Funny you forgot to tell John the escapade, but the mystery still remains what happened? Glad John made it back safely and I’m sure he does not want to go on any long car trips for awhile!


        1. You are one of the ones who reacts to caffeine! I can drink a large mug or two of coffee right before going to bed, and it never interrupts my sleep.

          John is driving to TN tomorrow to play with trains. That’s a 4-hour drive. He’ll come back Saturday night.

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          1. See, now I can “like” again – for this post anyway. Well, it used to bother me if I drank it all day, and when I made the specialty coffees I drank it black. Before Robb and I left the Firm, we had a Starbucks move into the building on the ground floor. I used to get a dark roast coffee every morning. I am not usually that frivolous about spending money on coffee when we had coffee upstairs, but I did like their dark roast coffee, and we never had it at home, nor at the Firm. Now that did affect me as they brew very strong, and I had a large black coffee. But, back in my college days, I waitressed every weekend and Summers/holidays, and I had to be on the floor at 6:45 a.m. and worked til 3:00 p.m. I would try to have coffee after dinner to stay awake to study or do homework, and it never helped at all. I have to say I’m lucky I have never had sleep problems – nothing, even worrying about something, has ever kept me awake.

            John drives a lot. I hope he has good weather for all that driving. Now, I’ve never been good at driving long distances as I zone out. I’ve not driven a long distance in years, but when we visited my grandmother in Toronto, it was a four-hour drive from our house to hers. My mom would be sitting beside me talking and/or we had the news on in the car, and I would have to stop the car and get some coffee to try to perk up. We always left so early in the morning to make the most of our four-day visit. We’d leave the house as soon as it was light, to beat rush hour downtown where he had to cross the bridge to Canada. And I hate driving on the expressway so the Highway 401 was not bad, straight highway for about 190 or so miles, but the last 20 miles of the trip was changing expressways three times and I’d be a mess by the time I got to my grandmother’s house. I’d often take a nap from the ordeal. I took the bus for decades, and just walked to the bus stop so driving long distances and expressways was not something I was good at – still am not as to expressways. I always look to see if there is a route taking surface streets instead. I’m a Sunday driver for sure. πŸ™‚


            1. John loves the challenge of a long drive. Not me. The rare times we go on a long trip together, I will drive an hour so that he can take a nap. An hour or so a day would be my limit. I couldn’t get very far by myself!

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              1. No, me neither. I know my friend Evelyn drives all over the place, like John, and she only stops for gas and to stretch her legs … road trips are not for me. I have a problem with staring straight ahead while driving.
                The lines seem to just make my eyes run together. It happened going to Canada on the 401 – miles and miles of just highway and even with my mom sitting beside me and talking or snacking or listening to the radio, I would still zone out and eyes get heavy. We were up North for the colors one year, same thing happened and it’s very scary. I couldn’t imagine traveling my myself. I’m a homebody … the traveling I did years ago was always with an organized tour group, I was never driving.


                  1. That is true – I’ve never been a big proponent of driving, probably because I took the bus beginning in 1976 to get downtown. The car stayed tucked in the garage so I was essentially a Sunday driver. People tease me about it as well.

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  3. So strange! Occasionally (er, once a week?!) I’ll forget something, i.e. either the water or the coffee or to press the ON button. But to have this happen? Not yet, it hasn’t! Lol…


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