Coffeepot Declared Not Guilty

I took no chances with my mocha coffee after losing six cups a few days ago. I not only stayed in the room the whole time it was brewing, I made the camera document the levels of water and coffee. There were 10 cups in the reservoir.

031518 Coffeepot 10 cup mark.jpg

The machine yielded just under 10 cups of a very satisfying brew.

031518 Coffee mark near 10.jpg

I am no nearer solving the mystery of the missing coffee, but I have ruled out murder and theft on the part of the coffeemaker.

41 thoughts on “Coffeepot Declared Not Guilty

          1. I forgot about Java. I’m not a coffee hound either. I used to see people bringing in those frothy-looking drinks or dripping with whipped cream and cinnamon – I just like the plain dark coffee. Every year for Christmas I get the Hill’s Brothers coffee – just for a treat. I like the Salted Caramel. It is tasty.


  1. Well … I reckon that your brain registered the right amount of water, but somehow you stopped filling before the required amount had actually been reached. It’s perhaps down to your brain thinking about something else – or maybe you were concerned about something or other which just switched your attention for a few minutes.

    I came to this conclusion because I don’t think the machine, seeing you disappear into the other room, thought … “I’ll throw you a curve ball Mrs. M…. and make you puzzle this one out for the rest of your life…” and tipped the water out again.

    There is only one answer. 😉
    Glad you got a few decent cups eventually though. ~ C. x


  2. It is really no surprise that our automatic gadgets are turning on us. They are leaving subliminal messages to go back to carefully watching things ….like watching the coffee pot water disappear in order to solve a mystery. 😄


  3. I just started following a blogger who does little stories and macro photography. It is National Poetry Day and Haiku Day. Look at this spider … you’d think it was a tarantula, but instead it is an extreme close-up photo of a little jumping spider. I think that even I could have an encounter with a jumping spider without having a meltdown, as long as he is not magnified by a lens like this:


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