When Logan Says….

When neighbor Logan (7) says, “Look what I can do,” you look quickly.

He said, “I can move like a worm.”

He dropped to the floor and wiggled across the room in jig time. I was pulling the camera out of my pocket as he rolled to his knees and jumped up without using his hands. Both John and I asked him to repeat the worm show. This was too good to miss.

Logan was with us in the middle of the day because he had a snow day. The white blanket outdoors had disappeared by then, letting the battered daffodils rise up again. His first choice was to play basketball on John’s computer. John set a time limit, after which they played a few games of checkers.

I had Logan stomp on a few air bags. He loves that noisy chore. I want the bags deflated before we throw them away, and he loves to jump on them. That’s child labor you don’t have to pay for!

I was surprised he didn’t want to work the jigsaw puzzle I bought for him at the thrift shop. He put the pieces out on the floor and almost immediately began putting them back in the box. I’m just now realizing he did that cleaning up without any prompt. His mother will find out when she reads this. [Good going, Shawn!] I pointed out that one piece was missing, and there was damage to a few pieces on the edge. I said I picked it up because it glowed in the dark. I had hardly finished that sentence when he was running down the hall. He had a few pieces in his hand and ducked into a closet to check out the glow business. It didn’t work. When he came back, I told him the glowing pieces felt a little rough. We found one, which he took to John to hold up to his bright desk lamp. He invited me in the closet with him, and we saw the dim glow. He did this several more times before putting all the pieces back in the box. I got my miserly money’s worth, after all.

I had intended to feed the horses with grandson David, but we didn’t get around to it. When I mentioned I had apples, Logan threw on his boots and jacket and streaked out the door. The horse DW ambled over to see what Logan was doing and promptly ate every piece he held up. It didn’t last long, but horse and boy were happy. We looked at a show on TV and just came to the end when Shawn called him to come home. There is never a dull moment with Logan around.

24 thoughts on “When Logan Says….

  1. Cute post Anne – better tell Logan if he wiggles like a worm outside that the robins will try to make a meal out of him … they love worms. Sometimes after it has rained overnight and I am just returning from a walk, a big worm will be slithering across the City sidewalk or in my driveway. The robin goes over and guards that worm, like I was eyeing it for my breakfast. It shoots me a nasty scowl as if to say “you touch that worm, and you’ll be sorry!” I know it is not just my imagination. It is like in the Summer when I used to have more live flowers in the mulch. I’d be turning over the mulch and putting back inside the black rubber landscape trim that is supposed to contain the mulch. The robin would wait until I got all the mulch inside, then go pick it out again, on the guise of looking for worms. Right … I got that all figured out. Logan is lucky he has such nice neighbors looking out for him and helping entertain him on a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t type of snow day.

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      1. And we won’t have any for awhile yet as it is still too cold. We still have snow in places where the sun doesn’t melt it in the afternoon, like my front yard, and in shady spots on other’s lawns. We are going down to the teens in air temp tonight and snow next Tuesday into Wednesday. After a big downpour, I have gone out and seen worms everywhere inching across the sidewalk. The robin eyes them hungrily and if I happen to be leaving or returning home from a walk, and the robin sees me, it will not go snatch the worm as it would be too nearby where I am walking, but will give me the evil eye until I have passed by. It is not just the robins I evicted from the coach light – it seems to be all robins who have an attitude. And sparrows are very mean. They have been known to overtake similar-sized birds nests and just move in and are rather mean-spirited about food as well.

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  2. He is quite the little wiggle worm, such a cute boy. He must bring so much joy with him. It’s funny how glow in the dark objects are a huge hit. My daughter was the same, brought back wonderful memories!


    1. I’m still a sucker for glowing things. I have a few stars on a cork board in my bedroom. If I take a long time before turning out the light, I can see the stars without my glasses. Some things you never outgrow!


  3. Logan is my hero- I love the Logan tales and miss him when you for days without writing about him. What a bundle of activity ! When I read about how playful he is, I am thankful he is not a couch potato or addicted to a computer or an ipad game.
    I love glow worms, but glow toys, am not sure I like them yet.
    Does Logan play with modeling clay ?


    1. Logan might be addicted to computer games, given half a chance. His parents limit his playing, and so do we.

      I’ve never seen Logan play with modeling clay. His mother and sister are very artistic, so he has been surrounded with artsy things since he came into their home at age 2.

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    1. Thank heavens we didn’t touch Logan after his worming across the carpet! Yesterday I walked across the room and turned on the computer. Yikes! What a shock I had! It didn’t seem to hurt the machine. I know. If that coffeemaker misbehaves again, I’ll give it a shock — teach it a lesson!

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