Easter Fringes

I took photos at the beginning and ending of Easter, with nothing between. I kept an eye on the moon, only one day after it was full. It was fairly dramatic in person, not so much in the picture. I happened to be looking as it slipped behind the mountain with amazing speed.

040118 Easter moon set.JPG

From the sliding door, I saw the cows lying in the pasture, all facing East. They must have been waiting for the sun to peek over the mountain for their own sunrise service.

040118 Easter cows look toward sunrise.JPG

In the middle of the afternoon, John and I saw horse DW running around the pasture, as frisky as could be. He tried to interest Vixen, who treated him like an exuberant child. DW stamped a hind foot, nudged Vixen, pawed with a front hoof, and took off again. He did that three or four times before wandering to the middle of the pasture to graze, as if nothing had gone on before.

After all the activities had quieted down for neighbor Logan (7), he came over to visit us. I found that it is easier to find non-chocolate items for Easter than for Halloween. He and I had difficulty opening the large egg, but as soon as the jigsaw puzzle tumbled to the floor, he was putting the pieces together. It was a bit too simple for him, but it did keep him occupied for a while. The flash worked for this shot.

040118 Logan works Easter puzzle.JPG

I asked him to pose with the finished puzzle as the late afternoon sun streamed in the window. Bless his heart, he was so patient. The flash was not working as it should have. He waited through six shots taken as I fumbled with two cameras. He didn’t get up until I said I was through. Some day, a long time from now, his family and friends will owe me gratitude for instilling him with photo patience.

040118 Logan finished Easter puzzle.JPG

55 thoughts on “Easter Fringes

  1. That post made me feel relaxed just reading about “Life in the mountains” … the moon slipping into oblivion, the cows relaxing and waiting for their own sunrise service, and Logan enjoying the puzzle – he probably watched you putting yours together and was eager to please. Everything looks blissful and perfect.


          1. If I were younger I’d come down to check it out. I should have pushed my mom more when we traveled through Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina back in 1992. Longest driving trip I’ve ever done – whew! The people were so nice and I begged my mom to consider moving to a warmer climate, and a friendlier place than here in Michigan. The weather would have been much easier on her as well. I know there were no jobs for me at that time, but I think we could have made it. She was reluctant to leave the security of having our house paid for – it is a small house, but little upkeep outside, and she taxes aren’t too bad. She said it would be me taking on a mortgage, moving expenses, etc. and dissuaded me. I should have pushed back more. It is beautiful where you live.

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  2. Anne
    Your Easter service was beautiful- how peaceful- suddenly thought of “Silent Night” for Easter.
    Logan’s completed puzzle is beautiful. Happy Easter to Logan’s family too and thanks to them to sharing him with you and through you, us.


    1. Bears count, but I’m sure you didn’t have a conversation with it. Our son loves to camp alone, but he has to be aware of people in the Smokies. He thinks he talked to a man who was fleeing the police because he had murdered someone.


  3. I am always impressed by your photography skills, and patience, Anne. By the way, I too find that moon pictures just can’t capture the actual beauty, size and brightness of it. Maybe with some fancy lens…? I don’t know enough…


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