Humans Shed Too

As I got out of bed, John warned me it was 41 F (5 C). He clarified it by saying, “You know, not far from freezing.”

I need this kind of clue to know what to put on for walking outside. With the Spring temperatures changing from hour to hour, it’s a wonder we don’t get whiplash. It was just a day or so before that I wore a cotton top with no sweater or jacket. I adjusted my mental outlook before choosing my warmest sweatshirt and lighter windbreaker.

Ten minutes into the walk, I knew something had to go. I was burning up. We stopped at neighbors Connie, Dave, and Marla’s place near the stop sign. To keep us from being totally embarrassed, I asked John to hold the hem of my top so it wouldn’t ride up when I pulled off the sweatshirt. I would never be in the mood to flash half my midriff to any hapless onlooker. I put the windbreaker back on, and we continued walking to the creek.

When we came back, I laughed at the scene. Our friends’ mailbox holder was also my shedding post. John held the sweatshirt while I pushed my lovely hat into the kangaroo pocket. He had a funny look on his face when I said, “You’ve been my lady’s maid today.”

040318 My shedding post.JPG

30 thoughts on “Humans Shed Too

      1. That’s one of the bonuses of living in a rural area and not the big city. In the big city, they’d steal it. Todd, the jogger at Council Point Park, starts shedding his outerwear by the first time around the Park. I think I took a picture of a discarded hoodie in one of my posts a few weeks ago. The more he jogs, the more clothes he sheds. Occasionally, someone who is new to the Park has picked up an article of clothing, intending to make it theirs, and Todd has called across the Park to leave it alone. He could do that if in the same loop, but not if it was a different loop in the Figure 8 configuration how the Park is set up.


        1. I never left clothing hanging in the village in NY. It probably would have been OK, because hardly anyone walked as early as I did. The real traffic was vehicular, people rushing to work. I laughed that Todd kept an eye on his clothing as he jogged.

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          1. Oh, I’ve seen him calling across the Park “Hey, that’s mine!” He’s quite a large guy with a booming voice which reverberates through the Park if the geese and ducks are honking and quacking.

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    1. I laughed that I could be a proper little boy scout. When I was little, I wanted to be a boy. Why? Because boys had pocket knives. I owned a pocket knife in my 60s and gave it to a grandson, because I never used it.

      xxx Scout Hugs (always prepared) xxx


  1. My husband and I have often hung coats on the neighbors fence poles. That way we don’t forget them on our way back. So glad your weather was nice enough to walk. We had a snowstorm again today and no one had school today.

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    1. While my shirt and hat hung there, neighbor Marla came out to walk dog Albert. She took a picture of her mailbox before I did, posted it on Facebook, and said her mailbox was feeling cold. I had to laugh.

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  2. Haha, makeshift scarecrow, sorta! That sure looks funny. BTW, I’d be SO happy to say “I’m burning up” here! Winter is lingering! However here it’s raining now, not snowing (it did snow a bit last night). It’s VERY windy. And the temps aren’t much above 32 I’d say. (Not used to Fahrenheit anymore.)


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