Three Resets!

Three big resets fell on the same day. So far, the outcomes are good.

My brother Bob had a pacemaker implanted, and Beth let the family know he was doing well. It was only two hours from the time they took him until he was back in his room. He will spend one night in the hospital, have an x-ray, and if all is well, he should be home by noon.

Daughter Lise waited for weeks to find out if she would be hired by the company that bought the one for which she worked. She was one of the first to find out that she will be working for a former boss that she liked.

The first reset could have been a life-or-death matter. The second was a life matter. The third was just a major annoyance. My tiny laptop did not have enough storage space from day one. The final notice came that in two weeks the laptop would no longer be supported because the operating system was out of date. Knowing it would be more vulnerable to hacking, I took the drastic step of resetting it. Everything was removed, and the original system was restored. There ensued hours of updating, and the verdict isn’t in yet.

I took a ghostly photo that might have been a major reset for some bird. Having washed the glass only yesterday, I knew a bird smashed into the door today. There was probably a loud thud, but I wasn’t in the room to hear it. Golly Pete! What if it was a bird-sized angel????

041918 Bird imprint.JPG

There was more activity at the hummingbird feeder. The tiny birds needed to stock up if the temperature went below freezing, as forecast. This was the first day I saw a hummer successfully sip from the new feeder. For days he hovered over it, not knowing what to do. I thought there was just one bird, but toward dusk there was a high-speed chase as one bird hurled itself at another. In the picture, can you see the bird’s feet curled up in the air as his wings made a blur?

041918 Hummingbird hovers.JPG

32 thoughts on “Three Resets!

  1. Glad to hear your brother is doing well. Also, great news for Lise, I know how stressful that wait can be. Laptops…they can be a pain sometimes, mine died, but thankfully I have a back up. I hope yours revives itself. That poor bird, I bet that knocked him a good one. Beautiful hummingbird!!

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  2. You had a day and a half’s worth of events in the matter of one day. Good news re: your brother. My friend Carol, who lives in NY, was summoned to NC where her husband works when he had to have emergency surgery a few years ago. A pacemaker was being put in. She could not believe how quickly he was discharged from the hospital and in fine form, still in fine form. Good news for your daughter as well – that’s a big load off her mind. As to the laptop, good news and hope it holds. When my laptop wigged out last Saturday with the temporary password malady, the next day it acted up again and I restored it, however, ever since then, it is doing Windows updates every day … I mean dredging up updates from 2010 and 2012, etc. to the tune of 20-23 a day. I did all those updates years ago and I did not set the laptop to day one as I didn’t lose any data/pics … so what gives with that. I’ll never know. You will sleep easier tonight. I will too as long as we don’t have another earthquake.


  3. Good to hear your brother’s pacemaker was a success. My grandpa lived with one of those for years.
    I really love your picture of the bird angel Anne. I feel sorry for the bird but your photo is amazing!
    I really need to learn how to attract hummingbirds. They are so pretty. Maybe once our snow has all disappeared and summer has arrived I will have to work on that.

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  4. Great picture Anne. We had our first Hummer last week, they are a vicious lot at times. I’m on my 2’nd Pacemaker, the battery in #1 started to run low at the ten year mark. A Fib the issue in this 3/4 century motor. 39F and windy this AM, the tease continues.


    1. You seem to be keeping pace quite nicely. Isn’t it great to have replacement parts? I hope my knees last longer than 10 years. My first one will be ten next year. Do you suppose Spring will ever last more than a few days at a time?

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  5. first= I am so very grateful for your brothers’ successful surgery. – congratulations to your Lise and I am so impressed about your effort with the computer! We use sugar and water with a few drops pf food coloring to attract hummers-when they learn where to feed, they will frequent without the coloring.


  6. I’ve been running ragged with stuff, so just trying to catch up with posts now! I hope you’ve found by now that your laptop works better than ever!

    Love your photos, they’re amazing, especially that strange ghost!!


    1. My laptop is in great shape now, but I need to hook things up again. The generic calendar does not sync with mine, and I have to pull email from various places. Eventually I’ll connect the Wi-Fi printer and try to pull all the computers to the home network. Meanwhile, John’s machine is having seizures, so I may reset it the next time he is away for several days. I wonder what it would be like if everything worked well most of the time.

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