Rain and Sun, Beethoven’s way

Have you ever wanted a fun and quick way to explore classical music? At manuscriptnotes.com Nick provides this with posts about various composers from different ages. His lively comments are easy to read, and he includes a link to the music he is writing about. You’ll want to listen and watch this one, with gorgeous scenes displayed as the music unfolds.

Manuscript Notes

Somebody recently asked me which of Beethoven’s nine symphonies is my favourite.

After going through them quickly in my head, I could only reach one certain conclusion. “As long as it’s not the ninth, my favourite would have to be the one I’m listening to at the time.” That’s how hard it is. I exclude the ninth, because it just doesn’t connect with me, despite it having perhaps the most exquisite of all his symphonic slow movements.

That said, as I get older, so have I come to appreciate more the pieces by composers introduced to me in my younger years. In that context, I have not the slightest doubt that if you were to ask me which one piece I would recommend to anyone wanting an introduction to classical music, it would have to be Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, more usually known as The Pastoral. 

Which still doesn’t make it…

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23 thoughts on “Rain and Sun, Beethoven’s way

    1. My favorite river piece (not Beethoven) is the Moldau. I wish children were exposed to music of all ages. I first heard Renaissance music as a college student. What an impact it made on me! How had I lived that long without hearing such exquisite music?

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      1. Unfortunately I didn’t teach myself to read titles properly! It’s Für Elise. 😁 Yes, I did it for awhile… but I could never get the correct fingering down, so that really held me back. Oh well. I can play guitar, though. Sorta.


          1. Aww. The trick is to start with a nylon-string guitar. And only start with a few minutes a day. Gradually working up to more. Steel strings can come later if at all.


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